Rats in the Courtyard

The cats play on the beachside

The crows are filling up the plaza

Dogs are squirming in the pews

And the skunks are stinking-up the casa


The possums are building earthships

The egrets are asleep beneath the porch

Snakes bathe in the sunlight

And the red eyes are aglow by the torches


The silkworms are swinging in the breeze

The hummingbirds dance in the rain

Dragonflies are skipping over the pond

And the fishes are brewing up the arcane


The cows dream in the fields

The ants are reinforcing the fronts

Spiders weave their words

And the yellow teeth are agleam for the hunt


The bears feast for the winter

The apes are destroying planets

Frogs are making friends forever

And the moths are investigating cabinets


The earthworms are birthing life

The bats hang in the caves

Seagulls are serenading moonlight

And the dirty claws are desecrating graves


The clandestine clan of cowards

Cagey creeps, callous and cold

Closed-minded, dimwitted braggarts

Bought low and even cheaper sold


Biting onto more than they can chew

Carriers of parasitic hate

Brought up with insidious views

And hunger for malice impossible to sate


Careless, cherry-picking cheaters

Falsely convinced of their superiority

Barbaric, chauvinistic partner-beaters

Throwing fits to ignore their inferiority


Retreating to dens of disdain

Wallowing in self-worship

Gluttonous to the grain

Too feral for fellowship


Carving their own highways

Meant only for their mischief

Compromising all other roadways

Leaving us looking down the same cliff

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