What is more fascinating than the close study of the created being? 
She is so intriguing that I cannot wait to discover the destination that she offers, in her jewel like eyes, as they try to conceal what she dares proffer to find out about her.

In her own way, she laughs, scoffs and scolds in tormenting fun, to the point where she searches your eyes, and coyly tries to look for answers about you, in response to your teasing nature. But some of this could be masking the deep truths lying beneath her perceived personality, as presented quite openly, and without apparent fear, or is that true? 

Even though it's early days, there is a soul-searching feeling of fascinating ways, that will not leave me, at least until I solve this captivating, and yet compelling of conundrums.  I am convinced that whatever I find out about her will meet all of my expectations, for no other reason than to know how she ticks, this being because I class her as an extremely beautiful timepiece. 

Maybe I underestimate what actually is an intellectual, who underestimates herself? I can't put my finger on the reasons why and want to cry, but feel compelled to hold back the salt water from my eyes, and permeating through my cheeks.

Perhaps I will never complete my study of one so loving,and affectionate, as there is so much I will be unable to know or discover? I have no idea, for instance of who was her Mother.  All I do know is that she is loyal to the point of jealousy, and unhappy when I'm not around.

Most intriguing, yes, but unsurprising? A big NO to that, because these are the expected characteristics lovely new cat!

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