Lips Lock

Lips lock 

Tongues touch 

Biting, teasing

My physical crutch 


Ruffling hair

Nails hard through skin

Faster pass as I breath you in 


Caressing my breasts 

As I feel you enlarge 

Scratch your back 

Pulling you in 

Taunting words in your ear 

Making you grin 


Lock me down in the bed by my hands 

Before gripping my throat

Using me as an anchor

Your my antidote 


You pull of fast and take my breath away 

Struggling free 

Before you whisper “stay” 


Working down my body

Bites, kisses, nibbles till you find my clit 

My body explodes like a heroin hit 


Thrusting yourself in my breath gasps for the breath that it needs

As my body lays bare whilst your forcing yourself on me with greed 

I wrap myself around you taking back the control

Looking into your eyes as we reach our high 

Our bodies release the energy as I look into your soul 


Spent, lay naked on the bed 

You pull me in tight and kiss me gently on my head 

We lie in silence tracing each other’s bodies with our hands

Consumed with each other like No one will ever understand 







◄ Gone



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Ria Richardson

Thu 22nd Feb 2018 20:50

Thank you xx

<Deleted User> (16099)

Thu 22nd Feb 2018 20:14

I understand I truly do..good write...

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