More than the eye can see

More than the eye can see


Everything we desire is transitory

we grasp it and it slips away

Nothing is really permanent

not even ourselves


We chase our tails

like playful dogs

We follow the fashions of the day

which lead nowhere


We build only to witness decay

we love but only for a season

The rains often torrential

soon give way to aridity


We learn and then forget

for what

Harvests of plenty

yield to famines of nought


We love with passion

but the ardour is soon abated

Seasons come and go

nothing seems to endure


A two dimensional world

offers little by our adherence to it

It is fraudulent

there is nothing of substance


Yet we are not doomed

the nettle can be seized

A three dimensional life

with a promise of eternity


The Spirit is unseen

completely ignored

But it perseveres

and even grows

where it can be seen

nurture it while you can

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keith jeffries

Tue 6th Mar 2018 22:40

MC., thank you indeed for this additional information. It is much appreciated. Keith

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 6th Mar 2018 11:04

You will find entries for Goddard online. Another of his books is
"Flight To Reality".
He's reported to have experienced a
"slip in time" when flying through a storm over a deserted Scottish
airfield, seeing, through a break in the clouds, a sunlit operational
air field with ground personnel
wearing overalls not in use & planes not invented at that pre-war time.
His own account can be found at
Add to that his part in the sending of
the small ships to rescue the troops at Dunkirk and you get
a flavour of an extraordinary life of a man of action deeply interested in

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keith jeffries

Mon 5th Mar 2018 18:52

MC., thanks for coming back on this one. Thank you also for mentioning the Memoirs of Air Marshall Sir Victor Goddard. I shall endeavour to find a copy of this work.
Your third sentence raises a very interesting issue regarding spirituality and its relevance to our present existence. Basically my answer would be ýes´. If we acknowledge a third or spiritual dimension then we should attempt to explore it here and now. There are various avenues in respect to this and any forward movement needs to be carefully considered as many charlatans abound. You have touched upon a subject which can unleash an enormous field of interest and study. Thank you again.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 5th Mar 2018 10:58

Certainly, I'm prepared to accept the title of this poem,
recalling the lines that tell of the searcher for El
Dorado. I like to think of it in an analogy with TV signals...
not heard, felt or seen UNTIL the right apparatus kicks in.
Is our life a prelude to getting that ability to connect to an existence beyond our worldly ken?
The memoir of the late Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard "Skies to Dunkirk" is worth searching out for its author's
extraordinary life and his own later belief in the spiritual world, highlighted by his account of being told by a third party of events relating to the death of a close friend
known only to Goddard and the deceased. Fascinating stuff!

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keith jeffries

Sun 4th Mar 2018 22:54

Martin, thank you for this comment. The two dimensional world is in the ascendancy. Spirituality, if acknowledged, is only a hobby to be pursued at leisure. I believe in things seen and unseen which is borne out of experience and from the third dimension. Thank you again. Keith

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Martin Elder

Sun 4th Mar 2018 15:14

'We chase our tails like playful dogs is such a great metaphor' such a great line
I think also your title is so right . There is so much in our world and our own little worlds that is out of our sphere of understanding. Much of which always continues to amaze me.
Nice one Keith

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keith jeffries

Sun 25th Feb 2018 22:22


Thank you for your comment which, as always, is well received. When I wrote this poem I was seeking to understand if people of faith and no faith regard themselves as being two or three dimensional. Body, mind, and spirit, which does necessarily need to connect with a particular brand of religion. If we are creatures only of body and mind then we function only within these dimensions. For me this poses the possibility of some interesting answers.

I well remember the call the muezzin in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Middle East. I have a great love for the bells of Rome on a Sunday morning as they fill the air with a mystical enchantment.

Thanks again David.
Take care

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keith jeffries

Sun 25th Feb 2018 19:24

MC., thanks. Keith

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 25th Feb 2018 18:14

Interesting thought-provoking stuff. But...
All the more reason for me to say
Let's grab some fun along the way! ?

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