Far Away In My Living Room When We Have Real 3d Television

far away in my living room
when we have real 3d television
will starving huddled children 
project on our carpet
will they baffle pets
realistic in every way
until you run to the kitchen
to try to feed the visitors..

i will stand there 
perhaps walk around them
in the middle of my living room
cup of tea in my hand
with magical goggles i will be able to reach
and touch them all
the gloves will have sensors
connected to my visor
the children won't be able to touch me
they will be floating..

if i am watching the real 3d news
and a building has just been hit by a fighter jet
and screaming people run towards the cameraman
if i keep my visor on
will they run into my living room
and as long as i don't take my helmet off
will they be safe
and if i do take my helmet off..

perhaps if i could just throw a first aid kit
through the screen
hey catch
but what if i am pulled through the screen
and trapped on the other side..

perhaps when real 3d television arrives
we can provide goggles and visors
for the children war refugees
so they can join in the fun
they can watch us watch them
run towards the cameraman
run through the camera lens
run to the viewer who has premium subscription..

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Hannah Collins

Sun 11th Mar 2018 09:24

Great poem Suki.
All the chaos and tragedy coming into our room via the TV screen.
Sometimes they warn us it might upset, other times it's carefully edited.
Sometimes presented like a Soap.
And all the personal misery undocumented.


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suki spangles

Tue 6th Mar 2018 23:11

Hi Ja'Net,

Thanks so much for your observations and kind feedback ~ appreciated.

All the best,

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Ja'Net McDonald

Tue 6th Mar 2018 19:20

Quite compelling. Love the fresh perspective. The poem has a type of catch 22 double helix structure:will we be more concerned aware when we have 3D television and can see theach world's tragedies right in our living room? Yet, if/when we do own that technology, will we have hearts and minds in tune with those trapped in suffering? Would we even care? Simply masterful writing! Well done!

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suki spangles

Thu 1st Mar 2018 17:19

Hi Colin and David,

Thanks so much for your feedback and observations.

Yes Col, the science fiction element is there, but like you say, only just. I have a horrible feeling it won't be too long now - 5g is just around the corner, and 3d television isn't too far away we are promised. Lucky us.

David, you're not kidding. All is product. Think of telethons: tragedy and comedy: a starving child then a clip from The Office. A celebrity: "Don't go to the pub tonight, look here!".

I wonder if we get the media we deserve. Stopped watching Question Time a long while ago..

Cheers again!

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 26th Feb 2018 20:07

as David said, so many questions. Just to go off on a different thought tangent for a moment, I'm left pondering on the whole Tron and Time Machine aspect of this, a sense of the science fiction coming true one day. Nothing seems real anymore yet everything seems possible and we're all part of the play for today whether we like it or not.
'Whoo... That's some catch, that Catch-22'
'It's the best there is'

brill poem Suki.

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