Curtain Call.

I only write when I'm sad
Cause I use my words to cope.
So what am I supposed to say
When I feel the slightest bit of hope?

Love poems and positive thoughts?
I've tried that but it's all been said
I start writing and all I can think about
Is the times I wanted a bullet in my head.

Pretty typical stanza coming from me
Everything I write is basically the same
Oh no, I broke down the fourth wall
Am I still a poet or am I stripped of that name?

This is not me giving this up
Its more of me finally giving in
I think we all saw this coming,
That it's time to drop this pen.

I want to say thank you
For all your love and support.
And if anyone is saddened by this
Just know that I'm not sad anymore. 

curtain callGoodbyethank you

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keith jeffries

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 13:12

Nick, Instead of a curtain call how about a few encores. Dip the pen back in the ink well and keep writing mate. Keith

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