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Mirror speak to me

You are enough

Glance out the window

Manicured grass

Rocky pavement 

No reflection

Yell to the world

Am I enough

No response

Silence play back

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Crystal ball

Your heart is crystal


And you are fine


Some are meant to watch


From the outside


Leaving them gussing


Looking into your crystal ball


Everyone doesnt have to know your




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End change

Temporpeted smile on her face


Comfort as she wants it to stay


He wants to build with somebody


It doesnt seem to be with she


So many goals


Presented to her

as she listend to his siminar


A false sale


As she has invested


She opened up


Gave in


Prayed to God


Left it in his hands


But his progress is not wi...

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Is what we make it


Joy is why those smile


Joy is what slips away from time to time


Joy is what cant find me


But i become envey


A thief


Thinking of how to steal ones happy


Why am i not deserving


The book why men like bitches


Chapter one


Nice girl


Is me


Thinking she would be happy


But ...

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Winter comes

Bare skin

You clothed her with your bare skin

Heat passing from you to her

Your heart is giving into her

icicles drop from her face

Emotions change 

As the sun rises

And sets

Sometimes her heart gets so cold

Her eyes become transparent

Having you see back at yourself

Never seeing what her heart truly holds

You are blinded 

You freeze up

By ...

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Moments are lived with in

Cuffing links 

Are locked within

There’s a gap in there

Its not secure

She’s going to slip away

His past comes to light

Holding her heart tight

Eyes feel with sham and fear

Heart is a game

But its playing in life

Scared to quit

What can be love

From when they first began

Mentally she was second

By the minute and second

She w...

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Let him

It was a show

God was calling me

And I didnt know

Already Believing in faith

But wanted to walk it with somebody

But God placed everybody

To be a busy body

Leaving me to be with him

Showing me this was a spirtiual show

I had no idea

Just let him do

Open your eyes

And he will show you through

You will see the positive side of it

Seeing why he deverted every...

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Testing Tap Water

Settling with being

By myself

But not lonely

To many trial runs

More than enough practice

Experienced enough
To know what I can handle

Open an published

letting one listen to my audible

past times,mistakes, struggles,and pain

Having a pretty face, good heart, steel mind, fashion identity,slim,sexy body means nothing even though it's attached to my brain

I think back ...

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Beyond The Green

He found me unique out of all
Convenient to his travels
Closely picking me
Out of all the flowers
Looked at me attentively
As the surrounding seem to diminish
Feeding me with something new
Giving me water an delicious plant food
Speaking to me softly

I've been waiting for someone with a green thumb to pick me

My water started to evaporate
He was no longer around
But his tone stayed...

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Unsafe ride

The ride began intense


Then hills an curves came


It was inconsistent


From what was presented


After two rounds of discombobulation


Maybe this is routine  


It rides smooth again


Slapping a smile on my face


After a jerk to the side


Cobble stone bumps


Im not able to keep up



Thinking is this ride not...

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Away, I dream of last thoughts and feelings

That he introduced to me

Not even my first love had a clear understanding

Past experiences lift my senses

Trying to leave it to an old palate

He is foreign

My heart is open an awaiting

To let me love and be accepting

Blood is chilled

As he

Brings roses to my cheeks

Only fearing the past

Seeing it return in related situ...

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You aren't a stranger
But still a jigsaw
Learning your edges
And roller coasters ways
I want to find your treasures
And what makes you, you
My sight see's great
My heart feels this is it
Waiting for you to take me back in time
As I listen
And capture your past with memory
Not a picture as you will be exposed
Only by identity we matched
I want to study you like a history book
Maybe te...

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Dream Promises

It was a dream
As the touch was real
His fingers curled in my hand
His words were new tunes
That continuously danced in my head
He may not be present
I'm still thinking of him
Or am I dreaming
As his promises
What I will do
Printed a smile on my face
And contracted on my brain
Looking forward to those things
It must be a dream
As he is changing
His words were to be promised

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Jazz Love

Contemporary jazz

Dances to my ears

Makes my heart move with grace

Different than any other day

I ask God for a good man


Moves free with structure

Having the ability to

Move my heart and other internal parts

Love is free, but also has a technique

Contemporary jazz

Is slow

But gets excited

As my soul does

Unlike a hip hop beat

Cardiac rhythm


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Your back

The way you look at me

It’s like a spell

I'm scared

I want to cry because it feels genuinely real

My mind 

is it playing with me

My heart is strong saying no way

Why won't I let you love me

I'm scared to let you get close to me

As you open me 

Squeeze me

You hold me close like you never want me to leave

When I stare back 

But not for long 

Because you will...

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Move on New Year

As the new year approaches

And, I go through and delete people like contacts

Out of site out of mind

As I can't scroll past them anymore

Or see what we discussed in the past

Gone permanently

But the words messaged and physical experience will stay with me

Learn from the past, pay attention to signs in the future

The new year isn't a fresh start

Just an okay feeling to mo...

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I leave it at my door step

It looks sketchy

Your making my hormones go crazy

Having me out here with acne

Looking like I skipped over puberty

Going through a change, that’s all I can say

It's a reflection

Thought, I was beyond looking at my yesterday's

Cycle of life

Cycle of a women life

Its switching up

Like a man

That doesn't know himself


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I look up for

A sign, direction, a compass

Ask God to show me signs

A better me

Knowing I am great

I could be better

My love and affection scares them away

They are intimidated

Strong brown women

You can’t control me

Only during intimacy

I want to serve and cater to you

You are like a phantom

You stop responding to me

I can't see you

I ask God


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Three Words

I speak these three words to you

Something that people normally abuse

I am sorry

Together strong

I sealed it to my heart

These are precious words used

Special for this night

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Christmas cheer

Bring those together that lost there Christmas spirit 

Be happy with loved ones, gifts an all

More than gifts you are here

Be good an blessed all year

So Santa doesn't leave you any coal this year

Merry Christmas

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People are seasoned

Just as clothes

Some last longer than others

Some wear fast with holes and distrust

Switch them out with something new

It has some quality

Its may last a little longer too

But, when it’s time

Something better will replace

Your favorite multi-weather pair of shoes


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Dance Honesty

Questions were asked

They became the main attraction

They danced the floor all night long

They had great technique

Very matter a fact

But circles were danced around the questions

Questions that could be yes or no

But instead he danced, waltzing circles  

He came in close and swung out far

As vagueness was the dance

Instead questions, were questioned

Of being demand...

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Naturel Love

Love is naturel

But can also be fed

Black women strong

Full of love

Beautiful flower

That is a weed

Because we are all over


Dismantled men


They take what you have

Carry you far away

Away, from who you were


Smiles happen



As he dropped me

Left me in a place that seems familiar

In the middle, not far ...

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Grapes fresh and ripe

Dark purple, that’s how I like them

Each one I taste individually

They look the same

Pussy is there main thing

Grapes on a vine

Like men

Thirsty but juicy…….but waiting

Enjoying each of them

As they were my new thing

They taste the same

But this last grape, has me waiting

The day of picking was something specia...

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Worry to the unknown

Kindness kills

Silence is murderous

Wonder what we are

Scared to make a move


Can’t move back

Only forward

He is king moving all over the board

I’m looking back

Asking why and what

Thought he was the one

He pulled a move on me

Chess master

I didn’t see that move coming

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I laid it out

Just like a map

Giving directions

Very detailed information

But, still I came as a surprise

I told you my life in one breath

Finances, school, employment, debt, past relationships, and experiences

You traveled over time

To different parts of my body

Eventually in and out

Learning my likes and dislikes

But, you became distant

As though I was a surpr...

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Mystery man

Black coat

Full hat

Deep voice

Fishing net beard

Jungle beard

His eyes mapped my walk

Smiles every time he sees me

From the corner bar

He walks past me

Ask if he can take me

Dinner was amazing

Many sides

As another man sat next to me

Greeting parts of me

Being attentive to every part of me


Was messy

The taste was different as...

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Fifty miles apart

Texting seems further apart

Responding is like driving

Not feeling any closer, even though technology plays apart

Bratty I am

Possessive I’m not

We aren’t that many years apart

Mature thoughts speak with me

Showing interest and do want me

We don’t say much

Turtle motions travel cross our keys

Delayed response

Face to face

Infinities of words


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Love is strong

The fight in my heart

Stuck between two

I will need surgery and security

After, I tell her a story of love and why I can’t be with her

Only one can be with me

Triplets we aren’t

My love is equal

Internal and external

As it’s not a game

I waited too long

To say who is the survivor

Heart made of steel

Mounted closed

Some kind of way

Your st...

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It falls from the sky

Beautiful as it lays on the ground 

Kind of even

Sound proofs everything

Ice the snow

Sounds of sprinkles on a cake

Its white all around

It only comes during cold weather

Except it seems, like its here everyday

White like the world we live in 

Its not a winter wonderland

It makes my soul cold

Frost bite I feel it coming on

I fight agains...

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I send you a message

But your thoughts are blank

Message box never fills

You never say anything

I tell you how I feel

Anticipation builds

As there is no response

I stare waiting 

Waiting for you to say something

Staring, as if I can see through the phone



It’s now intense as I cannot see when he starts typing

Still nothing appears

Nervous as ...

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Dream write

My thoughts turn to a page

My hands piano the keyboard

Creating silent music with strong meaning

My stories are great that I tell about you

As they are an experience

But seems as if they are a dream

We are couples of IG

But, shutting the power off

It’s a thought, a memory, an experience

An experience I write about

Writing is the photo that is forever

Allowing me to...

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I am looking for cover

This storm is the worst out of them all

As this has to be dealt with

To much at one time

Maybe once the storm comes to a clam

and things settle where they are

I can then get out there an clean up the mess

One area at one time

No, FEMA to help with this

Only the plan I have to clean up this mess

At the end, the sun will shine a differe...

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He did wrong

One time, that was all she needed to prove her right

Forgave him on the outside

On the inside, he was concentrated

Their home became a jail

Not forgetting what seemed like yesterday

But years old

She sang the song, oh I forgive you

But reminded him

You are stuck with what you you’ve done

But, he asked you to forgive, as she did

He proposed hoping to st...

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Blue moon

Eyes open as it must be reality 

The mind settles as the sun sets 

Allowing creative thoughts to surface

Glowing blue

In the sky I see you

Blue moon

You Appear with no sadness 

Beauty in the sky 

black out curtains

surrounding the moon

Fluoresces light 

Still pressing through

allowing me to dream

On this beautiful night

Big and blue



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We live in and for the moment 

In it, as the tomorrow doesn’t exist

But, as we shall plan for the future

Closing our eyes

Waking up to the unexpected

But each day must be enjoyed

Long lived, as we know we can see tomorrow 

Before blinking our eyes

Build a castle today

Enjoy forever

In the present

Its idealist

Plan to have even if you don’t wake up tomorrow


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The pins in her face 

The painted smile

That isn’t permeant 

Because it peels from time to time

Feeling as a sticker

Lifting a little

To see the real smile on her face

Placing the sticker back down

When she couldn’t bare to lift the lines on her face

Her face felt like weights

As she faces the mirror

Looking back at herself

Lifting the sticker

Showing her per...

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Half A Rainbow

Wide eyes for the rainbow in the sky

Colorful and dreamy

Something, some don’t get to see on their side of town

The rainbow brings beautiful schools nice people an good food

The little girl has a friend, on the other side of the rainbow

His school functions with no warmth and some careless people

Leaves him suppressed with a mental illness 

As light parades throughout her life...

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Foggy Ways

Grey skies fade my mornings away

Trying to see through the foggy window

Past, is the fog outside

I breathe into it, wiping it away

Seeing if I can make sense of it

Its cloudy

I can see near

But, not the distance I would like to go

Gloomy days appear

As the radiance from the sun gives strength  

But, the grey skies never appear, when I let others see it through


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Brain over Heart

What if my heart had a brain

It wouldn't get distracted

It wouldn't be forth comings

It wouldn’t smile so much

What if my heart had a brain?

It wouldn’t care so much

It wouldn't give as much, which is better than to receive

It would be able to think clearly

It would be able to understand a person actions the first time

It wouldn’t give chances

If my heart had a brain


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Shadow of the sun

is peeping through the window

sending Caribbean heat to my feet

waves splash calling out

to invest in the no judgement zone

it’s my friend with no voice

only a splash of child's play to my face

the wind carries me

as a woman should be cared for, and handled gently 

the palm trees bend to converse with me

sharing growth of coconuts with me

secrets ...

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Homeless Love

She wanted to give love

It was looking for a home something permeant not temporary like a shelter

Feeling one with warmth, joy, smiles, compassion, honesty, trust, kindness, and remediation of love

"She was a little all over the place, that was for sure. But the good news is that when she loved, she loved big. And if she loved you, you knew she loved you You never had to wonder"


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Friendship at the Door

Friendship is important

But, I already know what we are

I saw an opening of your door

I can see in a little more

Because you started to tell me things

names you’ve never mentioned before

This is new

You’ve indirectly asked, if I would date you

Something different

But, the game of insainty

He is playing with me

Trying to prescribe me something for the soon insanity 


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Just Me

Cold mornings

Warm bath water

It suffocates me

Its calming taking my breathe away

The water is loving me

Turning me on

No one is here with me

Spread my legs

Allowing the water to pour down

Sending shopping spree tension down, on the lower half of me

My hands play free in my park

As, no one was there to question me; what do I like best at my water park

The ocean ...

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Cruel world

Money maker shake it up

The US makes a gamble of anything

Cruel world

Don’t appear with feelings only your mind

As you may get hurt

Biracial relationships

Gay love

Police kill

Global warming

Aliens are real

Love yourself fat or not

Internet bullying

Everything is relevant

But doesn’t allow us to think

Almost brain washing

What is in our food

It trash...

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First High

I tested you

Like new food

you were good and all that I wanted 

You and I, had also created something

But the idea wasn’t economical,

I turned into an addict

I couldn’t forget you

Even after I started to study another drug and had a partial withdraw

I still studied you

You became a different kind of drug over time

Something you had to prepare for

I was no longer ad...

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Something old Something new

She is warm

She is Krispy Cream filling in my heart

Strong women caring soul

She lets me be with her, when I am low

She is my fantasy

But he can touch her in reality

Home is a pair of distressed denim  jeans

Hers, is well put together like upscale decor

But still we are nothing more

He will not leave his home

He needs something old to make him feel new

He needs som...

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Assumption is blind 
Not knowing what is happening on the other side
The phone doesn’t ring, as he is off the hook and not responding
He doesn’t say what is wrong
Cant send a message as he won’t look to the sky
We’ve been here before
Infected by our new feelings
Bacteria is spreading
Are we making ourselves sick; when we return to the same situation  
Not recovering and using past vaccine

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Coach BS

I’m not the best running back

Sometimes I jog

But, I am great at keeping our motivation

Mentally together

Emotionally Fighting 

Our team is the best

But, something seems to push us on our chest

Face in the mud

Still getting up strong

The devil is working really hard

This is not what I call tough love

Regret, is what I’ll have

I will have a new coach soon

She ...

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Conversation is always adult like and has an encore

But, his eyes can’t stay off me

Trying to figure me out

Conversations, are as if he wants me

But, the thought of having me as an eternal meal

Not sure if he is deserving, or it’s just the thought

Tracing my face

I smile even when death is near

My mind is a marathon and he doesn’t run anymore

He is already near

In the...

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