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Foggy Ways

Grey skies fade my mornings away

Trying to see through the foggy window

Past is the fog outside

I breathe into it, wiping it away

Seeing if I can make sense of it

Its cloudy

I can see near

But, not the distance I would like to go

Gloomy days appear

As the radiance from the sun gives strength  

But, the grey skies never appear, when I let others see it through

Only ...

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Brain over Heart

What if my heart had a brain

It wouldn't get distracted

It wouldn't be forth comings

It wouldn’t smile so much

What if my heart had a brain?

It wouldn’t care so much

It wouldn't give as much, which is better than to receive

It would be able to think clearly

It would be able to understand a person actions the first time

It wouldn’t give chances

If my heart had a brain


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Shadow of the sun

is peeping through the window

sending Caribbean heat to my feet

waves splash calling out

to invest in the no judgement zone

it’s my friend with no voice

only a splash of child's play to my face

the wind carries me

as a woman should be cared for, and handled gently 

the palm trees bend to converse with me

sharing growth of coconuts with me

secrets ...

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Homeless Love

She wanted to give love

It was looking for a home something permeant not temporary like a shelter

Feeling one with warmth, joy, smiles, compassion, honesty, trust, kindness, and remediation of love

"She was a little all over the place, that was for sure. But the good news is that when she loved, she loved big. And if she loved you, you knew she loved you You never had to wonder"


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#home #love

Friendship at the Door

Friendship is important

But, I already know what we are

I saw an opening of your door

I can see in a little more

Because you started to tell me things

names you’ve never mentioned before

This is new

You’ve indirectly asked, if I would date you

Something different

But, the game of insainty

He is playing with me

Trying to prescribe me something for the soon insanity 


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Just Me

Cold mornings

Warm bath water

It suffocates me

Its calming taking my breathe away

The water is loving me

Turning me on

No one is even here with me

Spread my legs

Allowing the water fall to pour down

Sending shopping spree tension down, on the lower half of me

My hands play free in my park

As, no one was there to question me; what do I like best at my water park


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#free # bath #water #wind #park

Cruel world

Money maker shake it up

The US makes a gamble of anything

Cruel world

Don’t appear with feelings only your mind

As you may get hurt

Biracial relationships

Gay love

Police kill

Global warming

Aliens are real

Love yourself fat or not

Internet bullying

Everything is relevant

But doesn’t allow us to think

Almost brain washing

What is in our food

It trash...

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First High

I tested you

Like new food

you were good and all that I wanted 

You and I, had also created something

But the idea wasn’t economical,

I turned into an addict

I couldn’t forget you

Even after I started to study another drug and had a partial withdraw

I still studied you

You became a different kind of drug over time

Something you had to prepare for

I was no longer ad...

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Something old Something new

She is warm

She is Krispy Cream filling in my heart

Strong women caring soul

She lets me be with her, when I am low

She is my fantasy

But he can touch her in reality

Home is a pair of distressed denim  jeans

Hers, is well put together like upscale decor

But still we are nothing more

He will not leave his home

He needs something old to make him feel new

He needs som...

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Assumption is blind 
Not knowing what is happening on the other side
The phone doesn’t ring, as he is off the hook and not responding
He doesn’t say what is wrong
Cant send a message as he won’t look to the sky
We’ve been here before
Infected by our new feelings
Bacteria is spreading
Are we making ourselves sick; when we return to the same situation  
Not recovering and using past vaccine

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#past#hurt #Mind #Feelings #He

Coach BS

I’m not the best running back

Sometimes I jog

But, I am great at keeping our motivation

Mentally together

Emotionally Fighting 

Our team is the best

But, something seems to push us on our chest

Face in the mud

Still getting up strong

The devil is working really hard

This is not what I call tough love

Regret, is what I’ll have

I will have a new coach soon

She ...

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#coach#team #BS


Conversation is always adult like and has an encore

But, his eyes can’t stay off me

Trying to figure me out

Conversations, are as if he wants me

But, the thought of having me as an eternal meal

Not sure if he is deserving, or it’s just the thought

Tracing my face

I smile even when death is near

My mind is a marathon and he doesn’t run anymore

He is already near

In the...

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#cook #meal #cake


Summer heat makes us strip of nothing

little shirts, toes out, booties 

Splash in the pool

Seeing new faces that disappear, when the seasons start to change

Building a bond tight like links

Apart as sweat makes us sticky

Fall in likes with summer treatment

Fall to see orange and yellow leaves

As the summer treatment has invited somebody

Moods start to change

I need th...

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#cold #change #winterblues #mood


Flexible as a flexi rod

Love like a mother

Adapt as a chameleon

Real like a savage

Persistent, just like a professional runner

Machete through my jungle mind, keeping the weeds down

Care for one as a new born baby

Sympathetic, as I walk in someone else’s shoes

Cross my legs, as you have to work to spread them

Looking into the eyes of others; I see a mirror through there ...

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#beyourself #different #goals #God

Loving a man

Loving a Man


I am in love with a man

He was always scared to tell me things

He played games to show me his affection

I tried to converse with him

But, he always made it seem as if I did something

He tried to help out

Things that a boy would do

But, wouldn’t share anything with me

He contributes were minimal

Effort was inconsistent

Trust was deficient 

His p...

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 I don't compromise my mind, love and soul

 For that had him hooked

 I gave him something precious an sweet

 Its about 30 minutes to prep

 An hour or two to digest

When he's away

I send him things

Letting him know I'm here

Here waiting for you

An welcome home will be waiting for you

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The Dish

The string from my waist, drifts 

As if  I'm about to get naked

But, as he undresses me

His soft kisses of confront warm my body

His long hands travel up my stomach

and between the valley

Massaging the two

As he gracefully passes along my waist

he takes a smooth dive in

Letting his full lips press on my clitoris

His tongue slides tasting this new flavor

It fills hi...

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