I fear,

I fear for what tomorrow holds.

I tremble with the thoughts of my loneliness. 

My mind blowing up trying to come up with reasons,


Silence has become my great companion.

The touch of every breeze over my skin the only one I get.

My emotions and reality at odds leaving me frustrated.

Living in a bubble that only I understand.

Yet noone else can see it 



See what is left of humanity,

Watch colour fade from our lives with each passing day.

They call it civilization, 

I call it damnation. 

We are doomed to perish,

To be forgotten,to be just a memory,



Hear the sounds of mocking in the air,

Nature laughing at us.

Our greed, our greatest destruction,

Our superiority complex our greatest weakness.

We are doomed.

Yet we don't see it.


In my bubble I sob,

I cry and I weep.

I mourn for our today,

For there is no tomorrow.

I cry for the memories of the future,

For I see none that will truly matter.

I see it fade with each passing day,

Yet I am helpless.

We are beyond salvation,

So I watch our destruction.

In my loneliness and solitude.

For they understand and see what I see.

For all I am left with is my lamentation.





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Fatah Sadat

Thu 15th Feb 2018 22:25

This will change the world...
because the world is me
the world is you
the world is us..

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