Southport Line I – mid 50s to early 60s (childhood)

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forever the daydreamer

since the dawn

of my being


daydreams presided

over schooling

and teachers rebuked


but never detrimental

to the dreamer

who flourished


never a dilemma

ever buoyant

never a concern


each evening

familiar daydreams

were trusted escorts


excepting night-time

when night-terrors

hijacked the dreams


attacking vulnerability’s friends

night-time assassins

prejudiced murderers


adults habitually mocked

never understood

never eliminated fear


each fretful twilight

the night-terror population

steadily increased


each entity

seized an opportunity

to stowaway


each entity

increasingly and disturbingly

boarded my daydreams


reveries sullied

to become nightmares

fearsome ammonium carbonates


countless ovine indexing

failed to manufacture

night’s chloroform


i yearned desperately

for the night train

on the Southport line


distant rumbles

puffing and howling

were so reassuring


so far away

but near enough

to prick ghoulish ears


one by one

the night-terrors

discounted me


they reprieved me

became the ovine

indexed in regression


one by one

jumping aboard

the night train


the midnight flit

from organic vessel

to fabricated vessel


nightly i thanked

whoever provided

my welcomed comatose


nightly i thanked

the operator

of the Southport line






always awakening

to salute

new untainted daydreams 


always happy

for the dawn

and friends reunited


but wondering

exactly where

night-terrors disembarked


and whose dreams

they infiltrated in daylight...


thankfully not mine

◄ Lord and Sharman shoe factory; Pemberton

Southport Line II – the 60s (last days of steam) ►


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