What If?

what if the sky was never blue

what if there was no morning dew

what if the tiger was green

what if all dogs were mean.


what if the water was air

what if all the snakes decided to care

what if the world was never round

what if we all were playing in the aliens background.


what if we never spoke

what if life were a joke

what if night was day

what if there were no hay.


what if we could never smell

what if there was no hell

what if we never grew old

what if there were no stories to be told.


what if the fish could speak

what if the elephant looked weak

what if the ant could cry

what if the snail could fly.


what if the sun and moon were the same

what if all the animals were tame

what if grass grew on trees

what if the beetle housed the bees.


what if we never knew what was a line

what if we never knew how to dine

what if we never knew what to wear

what if we forgot how to care.


what if we never knew God

what if we only understood the rod

what if the house we lived was never there

what if all we ate was a pear.


what if I sound a little mad

what if because i am sad

what if all I said were true

then humans would be balloons with all shades of blue.  


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