A valuable gift,

An emotional curse,

Seeing past the illusion,

Stuck with the truth


Ugly at times,

But you know it’s for the better,

In a world of pretenders,

There’s only a few authentic left 


A loving heart,

Unable to be free,

God forbid you love a fraud,

Imagine you’re 6 feet deep 


The mind and the heart are at odds,

HOW can they reconcile?

ALLOW spirit to take the reigns,

They’re both in denial.


We should all be singing the same tune,

Follow the beat of the drum,

Creating this natural rhythm,

Instead we’re walking conundrums


A state of confusion is in the air,

Spreading like wildfire,

Mental states of despair,

Desperate to save ourselves,

Forever seeking the truth,


Choices and opportunities,

Distractions at an all time high,

You’re ruining out of options,

There’s nowhere to hide,


Decisions, decisions,

What’s your next move?

It’s all part of the game my dear,

What path will you choose?

judgmentMirrorreflectiontrusting your choices

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