With tears in my eyes I reminisce, With my heart broken I realise A fool I became in your hands Blind turned by your charms, And all in the name of love A blind eye I turned to your lies, Always hoping for a time you would change your ways, Adoration I gave abundantly accompanied by praise, Oh the pedestal my eyes saw you in, Only for you to crush me as I was meaningless. Was it really love? The questions I ask have no answers the tears I shed can't seem to dry. Pain I can't seem to shake from my heart And a an emptiness in me that can't be filled. A hollowness that has become disturbing, Sadness and grief that embraces. All because of you I want you to hurt as I am hurting. But the thought of it crushes my alreany broken heart. I want Sadness to be your companion as it is mine, But imagining sadness in your eyes brings me torture. Hating you is what I want most, But hate is an emotion my heart can't associate with you. And all I come up with is, FARE THEE WELL MY LOVE


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Fatah Sadat

Thu 15th Feb 2018 22:13

This is really touching ..
and it's made me shade a tear but this is nice work...
keep the pen rolling hun...
and touch souls through your writing...

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