What Love Is.

In my life it's not fear of being a lonely 
That drives me to keep my promise it's love
So yes your the only girl I'm 100% opened up to
Cause I trust you 

Yes I'm doing something that 
Many guys are not willing to do
That's keep my word 

No I don't crave sex or want that from her
I want sit down on my bed and just listen to her 
Talk about her life,religion, views on politics 
I just want to hear her talk about her 

It wasn't the sex that I fall for it was knowing
I got to wake up beside her 
Knowing that she's okay 
I just want to show her how she made me happier 
Then anyone else can 

I crave them talks 
I know would cry like a baby 
If I did hear her voice
You don't know what love is 
Until you break up and you'd still want to sacrifice everything for them

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