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She Died And I Died To

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{She Died And I Died To}



She was a beautiful 
woman that I got
attached to very
quickly because she 
would write little 
poems that was like 
a visionary fairytale 
of what life could be
for me and her


But then my beautiful 
beauty got really bad 
sick as the day's 
passed into the 
darkest hours of the 
nights my heart was 
breaking into to see
her like this a woman
so full of life, love, 
beautiful words that 
moved me down to my 
foundation of my inner 
core that was slowly
slipping through my 
fingers tips and there 
wasn't anything that 
I could do besides pray 
for her as I cried 
myself to sleep on
the edge of the bed 
each day and night 


And then six months 
later while she was 
bounded to the bed 
because she was 
bedridden because of 
the sickness had 
progress so much 

that her body 

became so 
weakened that she 
couldn't write a poem 
or her name any more
as she would hummed
along with the birds on 
the window seal each 

morning and that's a 

beautiful humming sound

and that's a sound that 

I'll never forget as I had 

discussed with my

beautiful beauty that I

couldn't possibly live

without her in my life

however the day came 

where she said to me I

love you so much but

I'm sorry that our

fairytale happy ending 

was indeed aspiring it's

expiration date 



So I had a doctor friend

whom made me a 

poisonous potion for me

to intake and drink when 

it came that time so that

I could die with my

beautiful beauty and

when my beautiful beauty

told me that we was

nearing the end of our

fairytale happy ending

that's when I drank the

poisonous potion and

died with my beautiful

beauty as the humming 

of the birds that sang a 

lullaby as it was the most 

beautifullest sweetest sound

to our ears as we drifted

off to our never ending

eternity which was pain

free and no more 

worries and no more



And only clouds aligned

with a silver lining was 

glowing beautiful goldish

rays of light that was

guiding us home and 

with shining street's of

gold that we shall 

spend walking on for 

eternity together 



And the day my beautiful 

beauty and me died 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer February 25,2018


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