Three Score Years & Ten

Three Score Years & Ten


A fusion of all emotiions 

and endless experiences

Often kept back from the brink

the precipice of danger or despair

Consumed by passions of

such intensity and power

Cyclical bouts of depression

then to be propelled to the heavens

Sleep with dreams of escape

the lure of an enticing lust

Ambitions which came to nought

surprises and revelations to renew

A winding road with no

discernible destination

Full of ups and downs, curves

through towns and countryside

Often bewildered and confused

lacking in motivation

Yet spurred on by an unseen

catapult of enthusiasm and hope


Gingerly I repose in reflection

calm, adjusted by mellow thoughts

I float on a bed of bouyancy

which I fear may give way

thus sending me into a retreat of chaos

Even this sense of security is tenuous

I remain vulnerable to life´s whims

storms have yet to lash their fury

against body and soul

Old age brings its own problems

I am still held captive

desire has not yet abated

appetite is modestly subdued

enthusiasm lies in a pond of abeyance

The clock ticks to remind me

that I am still apart of time

yet this time, although precious

is running out


I now sit patiently in a waiting room 

for my name to be called

Content, unfulfilled but the

frustration has slightly diminished

I wait for what or whom

Should I make some preparation

Or will my time come in a blinding flash

perhaps I shall linger, infirm

surrounded by others who will

witness my departure

Then in a moment, a mere breath

I shall have gone

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keith jeffries

Sun 4th Mar 2018 22:48

Martin, you are spot on and thank you for the comment. Keith

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Martin Elder

Sun 4th Mar 2018 15:19

There is some real richness here in this poem with dare I say it a sense of wanting to grasp hold of and understand life a bit more of life. Maybe I am being a little out there with such comments.
But either way a cracking poem Keith

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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Feb 2018 15:54


thank you for this kind comment. Your Dad sounds remarkable. The Bible gives us an allotted time of three score years and ten but eighty if we are strong. That says a lot for Dad.


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Thu 8th Feb 2018 13:49

Hi Keith

A brilliantly worded piece, it has much in common with everyone's experience I should imagine.
Me Dad always says the Bible says we should live threescore years and ten but he's ninety one this year!
He reckons he's out of date.
A stunning last stanza mate.


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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Feb 2018 09:34


Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated. Since I joined WoL last year in March I have discovered a group of fellow poets with thom I can relate. With your work I often feel a sense of affinity which nearly always has a strong spiritual element to it. Thank you. Keith

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Stu Buck

Thu 8th Feb 2018 08:28

excellent piece of writing keith and as previously mentioned i find it quite easy to relate to. i just hope you find as much spiritual catharsis in your writing as i do mine.

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keith jeffries

Sun 4th Feb 2018 18:56

Fred, thank you for your kind comment. It is much appreciated. Keith

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Fred Varden

Sun 4th Feb 2018 18:52

Absolutely love this Kieth, it’s like reading about myself and my own thoughts. I still think I’m a teenager sometimes but then reality hits home, especially when an angina attack comes on! Cheers

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keith jeffries

Sun 4th Feb 2018 10:09

Good Morning Chris,
thank you for this valuable comment. It is much appreciated. Keith

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Chris Hubbard

Sun 4th Feb 2018 05:44

Hi Keith,

I find many parallels here to my own (and I'm sure many others') approaches and experiences of living this life with intent and purpose. It's certainly no "snack"!

The conundra and Gordian knots at the heart of many people's struggles are, I think, ultimately impenetrable. The best we seem to be able to do is to take each day one at a time.

Best wishes,

Chris Hubbard

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