damaged goods

it's a body

purple marks and deep red lines litter the skin

it drags it's limbs

rasping breath

a name tag around it's neck 

marks it as being owned


it shuffles between the people

trying to hide 

they stare in disgust at its bare skin

their judgement disguising their involvement

 they know they did this

 they passed the scissors to him 

told him to cut the clothes away

they cheered as he did

applauding louder and louder 

as the creatures painful yowls got louder


It submitted to dying

as it's owner smiled down at it wincing

just as the light faded in it's eyes 

a voice

loud and crude

"you were asking for it wearing such a short skirt"

◄ invincible

sorry ►


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Martin Elder

Sun 18th Feb 2018 17:11

Excellent. sadly this is all too real in portraying the way that some men view women.
very well written drawing the reader in to believe that you are talking about a woman until the last punch line
Nice one

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