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I long for contentment. 
I just want to be happy, 
Is that too much wish for? 
Am tired of crying myself to sleep 
Am sick of the loneliness I once welcomed and now can't pull myself out of. 
The misery of noone getting me and everyone thinking am messed up. 
Maybe I am, 
But does that mean that am doomed to eternal sadness, loneliness, emptiness and self loathing? 
Sometimes I just wish f...

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hope is all i have

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I will rise, 

The chaos in me finding balance

I will glow

Inner peace will fill me

And prosperity will be all i know

For tomorrow is unknown

And hope is all i have to keep me going

No more restlessness

No more demons

For yesterday will be long gone

Watch and see the days passing

See the wounds heal as time passes

And believe tomorrow is better

For hope is all...

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Its all starting to click, So fast so quick. The clarity of it makes me think its a trick, Lights me up as though its a matchstick. I see it tick, I feel it kick, and am left with confusion so thick its a brick, and hope it will all end with a wrist flick.

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My soul bleeds, 

My heart in constant pain,

Memories of you draining my very being,

Weeping becoming my way of life.


Like a dry well no wetness falls from my eyes anymore.

Blank of any expression they have become,

The life that once shined from them long gone.

I have questions I can't answer.

I want to know why you gave up,

Why you left us,

What I could have done...

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I fear,

I fear for what tomorrow holds.

I tremble with the thoughts of my loneliness. 

My mind blowing up trying to come up with reasons,


Silence has become my great companion.

The touch of every breeze over my skin the only one I get.

My emotions and reality at odds leaving me frustrated.

Living in a bubble that only I understand.

Yet noone else can see it 



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My love for you knew no bounds.

The sacrifices I made knew no limits.


Let your brown eyes look into my soul,

Let them see what they always pretended to see,

Pretended to understand,

Yet it was a lie


My heart bleeds.

My soul escapes me.

Happiness deserted me,

And sorrow became me.

Emptiness I embraced,

For loving you was a curse.

Some kind of tortur...

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I close my eyes,

I see nothing.

Result to meditating,

Still nothing.

Am getting no closer to anything.

Instead frustration I get


Time heals all wounds.

Yet a lifetime has passed.

Still no peace for me.

I want to knw what I did wrong,

Where I went wrong, 

What I could have done diffrently. 

Too bad noone is answering,

And all I have for company, 

Is my...

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When I am gone,

Cry for me not,

For among you my spirit roams.

Let sorrow not poison you,

For I am not dead.


Even though in the grave I sleep,

Do not let loneliness creep in,

For I am with you in every step you take.

Look at my greying skin my loved ones,

and find peace in the fact that I rest.


Hear my words in every breeze.


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With tears in my eyes I reminisce, With my heart broken I realise A fool I became in your hands Blind turned by your charms, And all in the name of love A blind eye I turned to your lies, Always hoping for a time you would change your ways, Adoration I gave abundantly accompanied by praise, Oh the pedestal my eyes saw you in, Only for you to crush me as I was meaningless. Was it reall...

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