The Darkness From Within A Gothic Soul

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{The Darkness From Within A Gothic Soul} 


The darkness within us

is feeding us constant

painful death cries that

sometimes sound's so bitter 

sweet to our ears as they slowly

bleed red-white-blue while

being covered in blackish

gothic tattoos 



But as the silent lies makes

us want to continue to cry out

in that gothic tattooed pain as we

merely try keep us from 

frowning and drowning from

within our darkened rotting

decaying fleshy soul as we merely

rot away in hell fire and brimstone 



And as the pain within us has to

stop because it's killing me

and you daily as I wish I could 

deafen the deafening sounds of

these tattooed gothic rotting

pains that fills my ears and




And as the darkest skies fills

up with the hollowed satanic

walled in soul's of many sinners

that has lost their way from God's 

Almighty righteousness love to

the darkened imprisoned purgatory

room's where Satan keeps calling 

out my name and your name as

we rise through the torturous burned 

blackened ashes of what once was 

apart of us as we are the lost

sinners of the gothic rotting

decaying fleshy soul's of many 

yester year's ago 



And as we all continue to 

bleed red-white-blue until there's

nothing left but the lost sinner 

singing out in that satanic gothic

note while Satan kills us a

million times over and over

again because he says we 

shallnever win and Jesus Christ

never has existed 


Because we are being beaten

by chains, whips with razor

blades that is sharp as knives

on the ends of them as they 

pierce our soul and bodies

while we are tortured leaving

us rendered helpless while we

make one last weakened prayer

request to Jesus Christ to end

our suffering as we are being

boxed packed into the chambers

of hell with falling fiery rainstorms

that burns us until we become

completely numb to the pain

while the lasting breath's leaves our

shell of a body before we the

gothic rotting decaying soulless

souls slips away from everyone

and everything that made any

kind of sense  to us 


And we the lost sinners of the

darkened gothic rotting decaying

soulless souls slips away to

this lost hellish throne that

we have to sit upon as we die

alone without love from anyone 



©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer February 27,2018  

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