Passion Ablaze

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A voice so soothing and warm,

As strong as his core,

Purity, Vibrance, and Love

He is my peace.


I am his muse,

Together we make art.

Honesty and Truth arise from the depths,

He has softened my heart.


Destined to cross paths,

Maybe with a touch of fate.

Ancestors talking,

Awaiting the dey we embrace.


Together we elevate,

Kundalini Rising,

Stimulating our minds,

Manifesting the will of the divine.


Balance seeking,

Masculine and Feminine,

Yin and Yang,

He feeds my flames,

In return I give him warmth.

This connection is BEYOND the physical.


Oh, how I’ve waited,

How I’ve longed,

Lots of lessons that needed to be learned.

Truth in plain sight,

I have been gifted.


Celestial guidance is pouring in,

Sacred Wombman may you arise,

Your king is waiting on the throne,

May you take a seat at his side.


I see the Emperor within.

He sees the Empress unfolding,

Blossoming into her truth,

Celestial Inner G flowing,


Mirror Mirror

He is my equal

Patience in Practice

Stay tuned for the sequel….


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Discernment ►


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