A Open Letter of Thoughts

I never meant to come off creepy
I just wanted to know why you left this time
Hope you understand that we made this promise 
That I have to keep myself 
Even if you don't want to keep it

I don't get me wrong 
I want to kill myself but I made a promise to someone 
That's why I couldn't so I guess I'll keep that promise

I know I want to keep all my promises 
Because I don't want to end up like my mother
And God damn it it's always goes back to her

Just remember that you're
The one who cheated on me and I still love you
This wasn't meant to hurt your feelings
That's the last thing I wanted to do 
I love you too much to do that

I know everyone's done with me talking about you 
I've learned to not to care about 
What anyone thinking about me
that's the one thing you gave me

I know I love you 
Cause I was like a little kid happy has can be
Every night I got to hold the most beautiful minded girl
Before you left this time you was opening up
I tricked myself that you was actually falling back in love with me and that's my fault and I'm sorry for that

God I'm a fuck up! 

I just wish I could showed you 
At time that you called me your lover 
That you was the girl I wanted to call forever
But I was still heartbroken over my ex
I can never forgive myself for that 

So can you be honest for just a second
That you still loved me last summer 
Cause I made you feel like you was more
Then an item that only wanted you for sex
My idea of you will never be negative and that's something that everyone hates me for

Cause I'll always love you 
That's the truth 
So you can talk bad about me 
I understand after all I end up hurting you
When all I want is to help you 
But good intentions go to hell right

I just wanted to get these thoughts out of my head
I shouldn't tell you I love you but I truly do
Sorry if I hurt you I didn't mean to 

◄ Love Sick Boy 

Promise. ►


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