the snow

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The Snow


The snow is a magic carpet

It has carried away the dark. mean debris covered streets

Of this gloom laden Northern town.

And in their place

 Is a pristine magic ice water kingdom

With pavements that glitter

And houses with icing sugar rooftops.

It is a quixotical magic

Which steals the breath temporarily

From weary workers rushing home to recreation.

But steals the breath for eternity

From the homeless

Huddling under its hungry heartless blanket.

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Tony Hill

Tue 13th Feb 2018 09:57

Thanks, Eve. I can see you like alliteration. Three of my latest batch of poems deal with cold weather, but SKIMMERS gets closest to what I was trying to say, however clumsily. Tony

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eve nortley

Tue 13th Feb 2018 06:14

One for you then Tony...hope you enjoy it!

Lots of kinds of snow

Winter comes and with it
Many kinds of snow
Soft shy snow
Which dusts hedgerows and hills,
Giving a picturesque heart thrill.
Slushy, soaking , sliding snow
Which splats on windscreens
Bringing driving woe.
Fat fluffy flakes
Which make
For hours of paediatric fun
And eyes temporarily blinded
By reflections of
Brittle winter sun.
And hard hurled hail snow
Tiny cruel stones
Flung by the angry gods of ice
No use to man or beast
But the price
We pay for the sheer joy
Of clear crispy crunchy winter days.

Tony Hill

Mon 12th Feb 2018 10:56

Really like the imagery in this poem, Eve. I'm a sucker for any poem on the subject of snow and ice. Tony

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