I know I told you I wouldn't lie to you 
But I straight-up lied to your face last night
I'm heartbroken and I cried myself to sleep again
You're breaking the one promise that you told me
You would never break

You told everyone you wouldn't break it
But now you're giving your hand to someone else
I guess I'm right I'm not enough
And you proved me right this time

Am I the only one who keeps the promises that was made
I told you I'd always wait on you 
So don't act like you didn't love me
Cause your the one who made promise why you was with him

But I don't think I can take this anymore
The demons my head keeps screaming
I lost my best friend this year and I'm fully losing you
Maybe I should go join April But I won't 

I'll just wait all alone until you see I ketp my promise
I'm sorry but this hurt so much 
This hurt so much 
I don't want to cry anymore
But I don't control how much I care about you

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