To My Love

i know we have our differences
but we sort them out
no distance taken
no time taken
can give me another one like you.

i am not perfect
but with you i am complete
you fill the gaps
and make me a wrap.

however angry you get
no matter what your mindset
no one can ever take your place 
only i run the race.

i may tend to wonder off
but you give me a push
i always seem to forget

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A day to celebrate Women

why do we have one day
to celebrate their life in a special way
for all the things they do
every time its something new.

for all the love they show
for all their radiance and their glow
for all the thoughts in their head
even when they sleep in their bed. 

they teach us so many things
from flying pans to diamond rings
for all the sacrifice they make 
and keep it buried in a lake.


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Womens Day


why do we pray

mostly because we stray

stray from god's love

that is sent to us from above.


we only pray in time of our need

for god's warning we never heed

then god we blame for all our touble

but it us who create this bubble. 


for when we take god's advice

we never fall into a vice

 he is there to hold our hand

carrying us through the troubled sand. 


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it seems so far away

when we use to play

without care at all

just the playground and the ball.


i think about the time

when playing was always on my mind

in what ever form

it was a good norm.


we played in the sun all day long

and a look from my mother seem to say its all wrong

my son is so tanned

seems like he was playing on the beach sand.


to all ...

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childhood friends

My Better Half

To the most amazing girl in my life

You have agreed to be my wife

Like a blessing from above

God send you my love.


After a simple whatsapp hi

I could never say good bye

We have been down and out

But never in doubt.


After all these years

And so many tears

We are standing as one

Shining brighter than the sun.


I will cherish each day from the first t...

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Soul Mate

All Wrong


looking at things i wonder what went wrong

coz i am singing my saddest song

with no where to go

not even against the flow.

cant hold still coz my blood boils

and my mind recoils

my anger at the tip of my nose

coz of that i am writing my prose.

with no one to turn to

i am evaporating like mountain dew

thoughts running through my head

while i lay on my bed.


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A Mother

a mother is a person who loves you

everyday her love starts anew

from the day she conceives till the day she dies

she laughs when u laughs and cries when you cry.


she can feel your pain

and she can walk miles in the rain

as if your pain was hers

even without the help of her peers.


she holds you tight to put you to sleep

especially when you weep

she hold you ...

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Mothers Love

Special Girl

she has her own special way

of turning around my day

she makes all the bad things go away

the second she says hey.


when i look into her eyes

i see beauty with no disguise

just looking at her makes my heart beat rise

sweets i am telling no lies.


only if she ever knew

how much my love for her is true

now is the time to start something new

before all of this...

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The Last One

today we had a talk

and it seemed so long and higher than a hawk

it came crashing down so fast

i think my ode to you would be the last. 


you have taught me a lot 

of how to love again

to tell a lie and never get caught

to break free from my chains.


now that i am free

and you are not there

i go down on both knees

and at the empty wall i stare.



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Broken hearts

What If?

what if the sky was never blue

what if there was no morning dew

what if the tiger was green

what if all dogs were mean.


what if the water was air

what if all the snakes decided to care

what if the world was never round

what if we all were playing in the aliens background.


what if we never spoke

what if life were a joke

what if night was day

what if there ...

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where were you all this while

when i lost my smile

when i was lost

when my heart got tossed.


when all the world walked away

left me alone to stay

when i was all alone

they turned my heart into stone.


when i felt my life been drawn out

all i did was scream and shout

with no one to hear me out

it left me short and stout.


everywhere i walked

no on...

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sadnessBroken heart

First Valentine Day's

this is our first year

which was filled with love, doubt and fear

yet we never went far

we are standing like a tower.


we have our ups and downs

sometimes we act like clowns

sometime we simply just fight 

till our veins become white.


the thought of loosing be still in my head

when i sleep in our bed

yet when i turn around 

its my true love that i have foun...

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romantic poetry

Will You?

OMG! thats all i can say

you really look beautiful by the way

i have fallen in love all over again

just want to kiss you in the rain.


my heart just skipped a beat

i could just feel its heat

even thought its cold outside

thats why i want you by my side.


i cant get my eyes of your pic

it feels like i am holding your face and giving you a hic

no matter how many...

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romantic poetry


when it comes to sleep
i can make others weep
weather they scream or shout
i put them in doubt.

i need a push
down the hill into the bush
till someone does not do
i chill having a dew.

i am lazy most of the time
thats why my wife made me write this rhyme
as a punishment of sorts
instead of hitting my head with pots.

most of the times i forget things
thats why i keep jumping thro...

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