pied (02/20/2018)

autumn's autumn, 
writ from right to bottom 
plagued with plagiarizers 
drinks downed and capsized her 
black powder fingernails
tapping on the glass of patients 
grown up into big-boy rails

dreams curdled in a blue whale
swallowed by the swallowed 
Noah the knower and his betrayal
edible, the way we like our drinks

talked up;
planting seeds with a monster truck
hallowed heralds churning
two-tracked relaxation 
heads hung and nodding
agreeing on asphyxiation

burrowed down;
spurs cracking at the speed of sound
xanax-boned, bowed and played
firing six shots in the temple
maker's being unmade: 
beggers beginning, crying out and up
to the foundation of this very church:
Peter, rock-hide bulletproof
pipers got to get paid 
pipers got to get paid
pipers got to get paid

autumn's autumn left right center of left

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