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Envision this You have lived in a buried dark pit your whole life

Or at least since you can remember

All you have ever known is the feeling of helplessness

And misery

There is no way out but up

Which you are not even sure there is a peak

You try to climb

But gravity swallows you whole

And spits you out at the bottom of your inferno

Screaming, even though you are unsure if anyone can hear you


There is no answer

Except for the swallowing noise of nothingness

Suddenly, a light drifts downwards that looks like a spellbinding spiral

It warms your chilled face

And whispers

Come on you can win this battle

Looking down at your now bloody hands

Seeming doubtful you try again

Slowly, you advance up the walls

But once again that damn gravity sucks you back into its vortex of hell

The light raises its voice


You obey

As you begin to crawl back up again, you start to smell the raw crisp air

But that god damn gravity seizes you

And hurls you back to where you started

The soft voice grows into a hardened tone

Telling you that you can not stop or else the gravity will conquer your world

That fucking gravity drags you down as you are scrambling and crashing

Reaching attempts that are beyond what you thought it would take to make it out

Abruptly it dawns on you that you got yourself into this nightmare

Gradually you begin to lose all hope and curl into a ball of waste


*Days, weeks, months, years go by*


(music starts)


And then something shifted

More than just a shift in motion

Everything in your pit transposed

The thick menacing air turned into pure rawness

The sound of nothing turned into an alluring song

You unravel yourself and look up

There is light streaming down like never before

The voice is back and it speaks softly saying

Go my child it is time

You finally realize all you need to do is let go of the pain and the punishment that you thought you deserved

Unexpectedly, your body feels lighter than it has ever been

All of a sudden your feet pick up off the ground

And you begin to ascend upwards out of your bondage

The atmosphere is glowing and glimmering as you rise higher

You see your own blood on the dreary walls from your excessive attempts

As you soar higher the air flourishes with whispers of jubilee

You feel that fucking gravity start to yank at your ankles but you brush it away with thoughts of confidence

The gravity then begins to finally surrender and disappear

You finally reach the summit of your wretchedness

Everything you have ever felt falls away and you feel at peace

It takes all your strength but you manage to inch your way out into the Gleaming sunlight

It touches your face and your heart melts from its welcoming grace

Tears of bliss stream down your face because you never imagined you could feel this type of powerful energy running through your veins

Your expectations of never coming out of the pit cease to exist

And for the first time you begin to find home within yourself


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