Family Tree

I'm afraid to have kids
What if they get my depression
Or addiction
Or fucking alcoholism?
What am I supposed to say to them?

"Sorry kiddo,
Suck it up.
You'll soon find out,
Life just fucking sucks"

It's just not fair
To pass on an ongoing burden
To watch my kid suffer
Knowing that I can't relieve them

They're supposed to be protected
But I can't save them from themself
It just kills me to think
That we'd be drinking from the same well

What kind of father would I be
If I so carelessly
Had myself an offspring
That grew up to be just like me?


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keith jeffries

Fri 16th Feb 2018 18:54

Hi Nick,

this poem is blunt but poses serious questions from the heart. From the fourth stanza you write the words, ¨that
we´d be drinking from the same well ¨. Priceless words but ones by which you caution yourself. You might very well find that your offspring could be a source of such delight as to being about your own healing. Well written as always. Thank you indeed. Keith

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