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The air becomes dense
Now I can feel it coming
All of a sudden I am aware of my everything
Eyes wide with impending horror
Ears seeking the source of it
A strong wind blows
The leaves tremble
Insects take cover to their abodes
Small animals retreat beneath
The moon once bright and milky
slowly goes from glossy to bleak
And asks the passing clouds
to take her under their wing
Alone a...

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Art Museum

She kissed me
between the paintings

The pattern of her lips
left an imprinting

more fascinating
than the etchings in the fossils surrounding us

Her touch more absorbing
than the Dalí hanging on the wall

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Open your mouth
Ill spoon feed you soil
So you can taste
All the shit that comes out of you

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The heavens are black
I choke on its smoke
The ashes they speak
They warn me of fire
Profound and consuming
Burning miles away

For your life I will end
I cough out a hex
Perform my sullen dance
And make a toast to your demise
For never I shall mourn

I shall itch til i bleed

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We're on a break

I thrive on loathing and hatred
I like to feel as if I'm
Sticky and burning
clutching to the ankles of passionate moments
Pressing my desperate ear to the wall
Listening to the imaginary echoes of laughter and screams of desire
I close my eyes as i bathe in the warmth of these memories, drenched in craving
And still i feel like these barren months have been the best of my life

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Break to build

Hate creates
And love obliterates
Darkness guides the way
While light will blind you
There's not much difference
Between such different things
Opposites are so similiar
Yet familiar

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Standing at the cliff's edge

I'm at my dearest place
Sweltering in this heat
My face bakes in the roast of the sun,
Eyes too content to open
The tips of my hair twirl with the wind, as if they're sweethearts doing the waltz
My body shows how content she is
Standing at your edge
Her performance returns everytime
I'm at my dearest place

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The sun spills through my blinds and spreads across my bedroom
Like syrup over pancakes
The golden glow rolls over my duvet
Falling to the floor in a warm frenzy
Coating my rug, skimmimg over my dirty clothes
Slowly settling into the corner

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My mother, a purist

My mother was a purist
Material aspects did not appeal to her
Life performed in traditional ways
Hair imperfect, unkempt, unkept
Clothes plain, unadorned, undecorated
Ever since I was a child
It seemed that she was happy this way
Then there was one night
This one night I couldnt sleep so I searched the house
There she was
My single curious eye peering beyond the doorframe
She st...

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Pain in the ass

It started in summer

When the bark gave off a sickly aroma

And my shoulders got burnt

I sat in the cooked grass that baked in the sun,

Sharp blades pierced through my jeans

Poking fun at my chubby thighs

But i didn't care

My wrist was throbbing

Screaming at me from within my pulsing veins

He never used to be like this

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I can't see
The insides of my eyelids have been my solace
All I know is the sycamore I lay under
I lay on my back in hopes that my eyes will  miraculously open to the crisp sky
The sycamore rots
At least I think its a sycamore
It has an indistinguishable tang of cinnamon that cooks off the bark and hangs in the hot air in summer
and a desperate perfume of musk from the roots lingers in the ...

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human nature


Ever thought about how the midnight sky

looks like a womans face

Peeking at you with a single open eye

silver and milky 

Her complexion is infinite - endless planets and galaxies are hidden within her skin

Dotted with billions of freckles that gleam and shine; her favourite feature, actually

People always seem to wish upon them

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