A Manc's A Man (Fer All That)

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A Manc’s A Man Fer All That


Around ar way by night or day

down cobbled crofts an all that,

On chavenues or scallyways

we dare to roam fer all that,

You’re ten men an big chat,

but you know nowt fer all that,

So close yer mouth an use yer ead,

a Manc’s a man fer all that.


We like ar chips not fancy dips

or posh cuisine an all that,

We eat ar scran from normal plates

not roofing slates or all that,

The fat cats ain’t all that,

just showin off fer all that,

What matters is what beats inside,

as good as kings fer all that.


See men of war that strut about

an gob, an give it all that,

Some stupid sheeple fall in line,

do what they’re told an all that,

Their media is all crap,

just hate-filled lies an all that,

We help an care for humankind,

an look an laugh at all that.   


From all across the world we came

for work or play an all that,

Manchester is our heart an home,

it meks us proud an all that,

Hatred? War? Tragedy?

Do one! Get gone! An all that,

From next door or across the sea

we’ll brothers be fer all that.

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Martin Elder

Tue 27th Feb 2018 23:00

I think the only thing you didn't mention was chips and gravy or curry sauce with mushy peas. What a startlingly refreshing poem. I would love to know where you got that picture from. was it taken from one of the tower blocks at the top of the Chester road near the Mancunian way
Nice one

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Rose Casserley

Mon 26th Feb 2018 20:14

?! I loved that an a-that Chris!

brillsville city an-a-that.

Rose ?

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