Rest In Peace

She's a Tumblr girl/English Muffin and finds love in all the bad boys that use her but she won't hear me out but I was her bad boy for 7 years until I fucked that up. Nowadays she always reminds me that I'm a asshole and nothing but a fuck boi who cheat once and messed everything up. All she wanted was to me hold her, Small family and wanted to love me But I fucked that up I miss them days but I can't go back to them days I wish I could. Hell I know she would let me back in but she's a everything right in life. Yes she mounts abuses me I deserve it for fucking her heart up so much. Nowadays She's always telling me To comeback but I can't hurt her anymore. So I'll stay away. I messed up a firefly life and when to war with a English Muffin over her. All because I'm missing a Dr. Pepper rest in peace I'll always love you. This isn't okay I'm sorry.

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