Chair Man 

Chair Man 
He made a decision to clean the factory chimney out. 
Did he know it would be messy? 
I look out of my window and see so much smoke emanating from the chimney. 
It blanketed the fields in particulate sulphate alkali acid. 

I was so happy! I could be a zombie now. 
I ran down to the fields and danced naked in the grass. 
I was in a real pea souper of man made chemical arsenic fog. 

Right away it happened: zombification! 
My skin bubbled like acid and fell off in tatters. 
My lungs filled with liquid and I drowned in my own blood. 
Every orifice streamed liquid, a real cock burn. Won't be using it no more. 
The only gals for me will be ones I eat. 

The smoke thins and I see a watery sky. 
The pause between before and after. 

My life and my very body have changed for the better. 
I feel my teeth turning into steel shards that yearn for female zombie flesh. 

I go in search of my first victim. 
As I stroll thru the summer grass I see her. Mrs Peters from the farm. 
She looks disorientated. 

I close in.


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