My soul bleeds, 

My heart in constant pain,

Memories of you draining my very being,

Weeping becoming my way of life.


Like a dry well no wetness falls from my eyes anymore.

Blank of any expression they have become,

The life that once shined from them long gone.

I have questions I can't answer.

I want to know why you gave up,

Why you left us,

What I could have done to keep you,

but you are gone my love,

And with you my spirit you took.


I try to remember what it felt like before all this grief.

I hope to remember what happiness is,

Bt those are foreign emotions in my life

Because you were that for me,

And then you had to leave.


I speak to you hoping the wind takes my words to you,

I whisper words of love hoping you are listening,

I watch the sun rise and set hoping you are watching it with me,

For even though in the grave you rest,

I want to believe forever it is for us.

So never shall I say goodbye my love,

For in my heart you shall live forever.

Now rest my love, 

For forever is not ending soon. 





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Hannah Collins

Mon 26th Feb 2018 21:36

Beautiful. Very moving.
One of the most tender poems I have read about loss.


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Fatah Sadat

Thu 15th Feb 2018 22:28


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