Red Pearl

Red Pearl


You are such a beautiful woman and I spent my life trying to find you

as I look at the waters of the beach, so beautiful and so sparkling blue

but in the water, I see something shining and I see it staring at me

I must go get it, before it is too late

the wind is perfect and it is such a perfect day


I see it and I swam for it and I saw millions of diamonds

and out of those diamonds I saw a beautiful red pearl

I had to get it, so I got it and swam back to the beach

I will never let this go out of my reach


It was so beautiful that I kissed it, then it begins to rain

and all of a sudden, you appreared

you look so beautiful, standing right here


You are my beautiful red pearl and I will never let you go

but someone like you, I may never find again

a passionate kiss with you, makes me sigh

being happy with you here by my side


You are the most beautiful thing in the world

you are my beautiful, glowing red pearl

affectionbeach thoughtslovelove passionpoetry

A Lonely Seashell At The Beach. My First Book ►


Big Sal

Wed 2nd May 2018 14:55

Great piece of literature you have here, well done.

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