To illustrate how futile, yet alluring, Facebook can be to many.....


How do I know my cousin’s daughter’s boyfriend loves Tex-Mex?

Because he tells us via Facebook that he’s spilled some on his kecks

He’s checked-in from Chiquito’s – just passed his driving test

He’s with his best pal, big daft Al, who’s had a tattoo on his chest.


These days my head gets filled with nonsense posted on Facebook

Marie from forty three’s just posted up some gobbledygook

And Jane  from out in Spain got drunk on Sunday with her mum

But hubby Ken, had to stay at home – citing Spanish tum


I’ve nothing to buy, nothing to swap and definitely nowt to sell

But maybe I could flog that thing we bought outside Cartmel?

On second thoughts forget it, it’s somewhere in the shed

I’m sure it’s behind some damp deckchairs and my grandma’s old bedstead


Hacks, advice, get stuff half-price; my mind is in a spin

I now know how to make Mai Tai and what glass to put it in

I no longer need a corkscrew to open up my wine

They say a shoe will do, that’s weird - can’t think of a punch line…..


I suppose I should pack it all in, and break up with Facebook

Spend my spare time, while I’m in my prime, improving my outlook

But then again, if I did that, and sorted odds and ends

I’d never see what you had for tea, and I’d lose a thousand friends!




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Ken Smith

Wed 28th Feb 2018 15:57

Hi KJ,

Thanks for your very kind review. I don't have 1,000 friends anymore. I am down 3 since I wrote this. On a positive note though, their car wasn't a total write-off and 2 of the tyres will fetch £25 each(ish).

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kJ Walker

Tue 27th Feb 2018 19:24

Hi Ken. I really liked this one. And i like the fact that you have 1000 Facebook friends. ( I have about 30).

Keep em coming.

Cheers Kevin

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