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I close my eyes,

I see nothing.

Result to meditating,

Still nothing.

Am getting no closer to anything.

Instead frustration I get


Time heals all wounds.

Yet a lifetime has passed.

Still no peace for me.

I want to knw what I did wrong,

Where I went wrong, 

What I could have done diffrently. 

Too bad noone is answering,

And all I have for company, 

Is my tears,my sorrow, 

My frustration and confusion.


Contentment it seems I will never know. 

Just as happiness isn't in the books of my fate,

Peace a word with no meaning in my life,

and all I have is hope,

Hope tht someday I will heal,

That someday I will see,

See something that isn't darkness.

That I won't have to put feeling on paper,

and shall have a shoulder to cry on.

Maybe then I will be happy,

Maybe I will be peacefully, 

For tht is the worldI live in.

A world of MAYBES




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Fatah Sadat

Thu 15th Feb 2018 22:19

I wouldn't want anyone I know or love to be in this world of Maybes though I hve been there before.. But you'll always have a shoulder to cry on my loved ones..
Including the one that holds the other half of my heart... lol


Mon 5th Feb 2018 21:45

Time heals all wounds. It's all up to us to attract what we want for our own happiness. Law of attraction is real.

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