The Veteran

Hey Ho! Hey Ho!

It's off to war we go

with flags a flying

no thought of dying

our country's might

we have to show.


So go! So go!

Keeping the peace, we know

our soldiers willing

to reduce the killing

our aim not to fight

but restore the light.


How so? How so?

We've come to free them,no?

Why call us lying

and watch us frying

smiling when human bombs

with hate filled eyes?


God no! God no!

Friends limbless, lifeless, headless

a deadly sliding

gap ever widening

between official saviours

and unwilling saved.


Say no! Say no!

to schemers plotting back home.

Lobbies undermining

truth and lies entwining.

No freedom this

but war disguised in words.


So so! So so!

is how I answer low

from chariot given

as due to legless heroes.

They're only biding time

till we all are underground.


No go! No go!

Others reap what leaders sow.

Even though not buying

we're not permitted whining

a metamorphosis from warrior

to pure embarrassment.


I know, I know

that passers by think so

They're just not looking

let alone minding.

They only see deformity nailed down

left over from some futile fight

begging on the pavement.


So slow! So slow!

This life is leaving!






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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 21st Mar 2018 21:03

It is a mistake to believe all soldiers are deceived, they are not all prison dodging delinquents some are even quite intelligent, as are some guests of HMP.

And some just like the idea of blowing the crap out of stuff, and some are stupid thugs, but it would be wrong to assume you might know or understand their motivations just because they get blown up and their minds get shattered.

Some do not even approve of the conflicts they fight in, some object and leave, some don't care because they just want to kill stuff, the truth is awful isn't it. Many, many of them are fully aware they might die or have bits of them go AWOL, still they go, and yes it is sad, but don't assume they are stupid or incapable of predicting their possible ends, it's insulting.

Soldiering is a choice for many people and some make that choice knowing what they are doing.

Whether that is wrong or right it's the truth, I know.

Interesting poem and thought provoking, which is always good.


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Hannah Collins

Wed 21st Mar 2018 20:02

This is an amazing piece of work.
The soldiers so optimistic in the beginning, so willing.
Not aware of the deception, the pain and tragedy that awaits.


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