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More Important Things

I write when umbrellas open

When I am late for work

When the building is on fire

When the dog needs food

When the party is over

When I should really get moving


I write when there are more important things

And there are always always always

More important things--


Living in this world

And choosing to write poetry

Makes about as much sense as

Sitting on ...

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dubito ergo sum

Kids of all ages

didn’t finish the story 
didn’t get to the ending
never found out what happened 
to the monster or the princess 

you were called away
by stupid adult things 
I’m sleeping on my own
it’s gotten scary 

need you to come back
right away
don’t need anybody else
to feel safe

I wonder why 
you ran away
in stories for kids 
of all ages

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The Magician

     The Magician 


She tried to say 100 times

How She wanted just

 to be near you


She stood in the fire

Only to drown

Waiting to be the reflection in your eyes


You'll never know

How much you did for her

How just a smile opened her


Maybe it wasn't really you

Maybe she just remembered 

Maybe she found her own way back


Truthfully it does...

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forbidden desireslovelust


If you are killed while working for the government

Determine assassination or murder is what we face

Do we consider your grand significance or influence

Or should it be more about job title and salary based

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Also by Joe Marcello:


Child's Play


Guiltily guiltily think
the thoughts are soon what stink
the mind is like
a rusty trike
with pedals out of sync

Victory victory now
there isn't a method how
the present is
the place we live
what's now we must allow

this subtle trickery lie
to think we must comply
the truth is one
the nose will run
a lie we must defy





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A large gnu stood on

my polished shoe - I

wasn't sure what to do

until I heard the famous


Mick Jagger who was

singing Hey Gnu Get

off of my shoe. That's

when the nutty revellers


passed by my house

singing Blue Suede shoes.

Who heard of anything so

absolutely ruddy ridiculous?

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Also by Philipos:


Life-Tidal waves

Life -Tidal waves

Friday,30th April 2021


We are all stage actors

we have to perform and disappear

no matter how difficult is the task

we need to think and got to start


life may remain good

or cruel to be understood

whether you are in soup or trouble

you got to make a way out or struggle


there is no need to pass on the blame

and claim innocence

or ...

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Mister Larkin



Poems, deep on many levels,

May end up nowhere near enough.

At such a time, we should give thanks

That Mister Larkin did his stuff.


It’s true he had a gloomy side

And used the odd indecent word,

But nobody would claim his work

Would better be unseen or heard.


He wrote about the everyday,

Of unspent childhood, wedding feasts,

Sullied posters, non-co...

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Swedish Baby

They called you the Swedish baby,

With your white blonde hair

And bright blue eyes.

A Surrey Scandinavian.

But your skin tone was more southerly,

As if you’d spent your first two weeks of life

Sunning yourself on the Côte d'Azur.

A pleasant surprise, given your pasty parentage

The eyes and hair remain, twenty years later

But alas the sun-kissed look was short lived


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Unfreeze the heart, make it soft

Thaw the frozen love, melt it now

Sew back the brokenhearted 

Stitch back the broken wings

Stick back the broken pieces

To how it was earlier, amazing

Unfreeze, thaw, melt, sew, stitch

Words few incantation repeated

Unfreeze, thaw, melt, stitch, sew

Let these words rotate until it gathers dew

Revolving around the mind of the frozen pie...

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Unless something changes

I am not changing

I am against change

yet things always change

whether we like it or not

no matter how much we try to stop change

it occurs inevitably

and even change changes

I could change my mind on this

but for right now put me down as a maybe

I am ambivalent about change

but that could also change

things are always subject to ch...

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The Covid crisis in India
It is heartbreaking beyond belief
Seeing the sick starved of oxygen
Unparalleled, devastating grief

Unimaginable suffering
Unaided, gasping for every breath
Suffocating out in the fresh air
The pandemic causing so much death

Feeling helpless, useless, overwhelmed
There must be help sent and very quick
This disaster is a worldwide threat
We need to help all ...

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(#NaPoWriMo 2021 - #Haiku of Life (2021

I made it!

(#NaPoWriMo 2021 - #Haiku of Life (2021)


Becoming Forty Nine

I enter another year

smiling at the past.



(Concluding this sequence, I turn 50 next year and will face it like

I have done with the rest of my life with a smile and a

drink to friends still in my life and those who have moved on)


(Full archive - onewriterandhispc.blogspot.com - a ...

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Eternal life

I will sleep tonight too
with memories of a good time
packed in the suitcase of the past.
Until the almonds from my eyes call to you
while we learn to live
life will pass in a desolate void.
There will be pros and cons
for all goodness, sins, mistakes,
for one skipped storm
for an eternal life.

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the mourning

The mourning


I grief for my tiny house far from tourist crowds

I was happy there walking in the woods with my dog.

They tell me I’m too old to live there alone

How would they know?

Old age is brutal.

People think they know what is best for me.

I will go back to Norway find a plot near my mother´s grave

Two skeletal hands are meeting, and the dreams will go on.

The p...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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The Belly of My Beast

Am I better as an angel of vengeance

as a devil released upon this ball?


I feel worthwhile in the morning light

when my hands tremble with horror


I recall a neck in the grip of my closing fist

I remember eyes pleading with me


A training day when someone gave me a license to kill 

a mans legs kicking as he is dispatched beneath me


Who can release me from ...

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Also by Marsha Cool:

Forgotten Roadside Memorial |

15 machines (04/29/2021)

hale steam engine 
shuddering bowels of parts passed
melton jambs of an engine 
vaguely in the shape 
of what was once the idea in the head of 
a mere man. 
a meagre man. 
a meek man, 
squandering his inherited earth.

slewn of all charred flesh
the tracks build on, and on. 
and you can see doom coming 
from miles around;
what a spectacle -- 
what an awe

truly, we are the coals 

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i'm still writing but who cares whythe metaphor is obvious


I stood in the wind for you,
The gale that blew my love away.
You watched me from your crazy world,
And still I stood alone.
And then the rain fell, like my tears.
Still I stood upon that hill.
I waited for the sun to shine,
But still it never came.

I stood there while the white snow fell.
I stood there in the darkest night.
Yes - I'm glad you're warm inside,
I'm waiting in the freezi...

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breaking apartdamaging relationshipslove's tempestvaginismus

At the ball


The devil's in the detail,
Your cousin's in the pub,
He's been boozing since 11am
Aye, there's the rub.

Look in the Gilt mirror
Inspect the back of your mind
Microscopically construct an armed robbery —
 you dirty, rotten swine.
The suspect proceeded to inspect his nails, to laugh quietly to himself, to sip his whiskey, to look around, to frown.

Robbery is the state of play

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Minutes run and hours pass

Just as sand in the hourglass.

What was black, now is gray.

Carpe diem, seize the day.

If you wait until tomorrow,

This will only bring much sorrow.

Do not forget to breathe fresh air

And escape the banal world's affairs.

Can you find what really matters?

If you do, your chains will shatter.

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growing oldergrowing-uplifelivingrebirth




























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Also by Lori Nalewajk:



After World War Two in a ration-ridden rubble strewn land

The baby-boomers arppeared and quickly made their stand..

With a parental generation that had shown the world the best,

They in turn showed their intention to be up to the crucial  test

To drag this nation up by its bootstraps to prosper once again

And see a land that was on its knees stand on its feet and obtain

A future ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:

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Dreich day late April, wind

keening from the Thames,

outside drinkers huddling

under frail, flapping,

dripping awnings.


Vauxhall interchange, maybe

one of the most inhospitable

places on God’s earth, now

intimidated by gathering gangs

of threatening towers


that look almost exactly the same.

Is this the way a capital ends,

not with the bangs of bombers,


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A leopard's leap of faith

For the ability to claim

A primordial goodness

In the collective nous,

When the cable ties of comfort

Dictate the deleterious refrain,

Whereby a barrage of bullets

Signals one is thrice betrayed

Right before the rooster.

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My Isle of Wight School Trip, 1987

Tendrils of sight swim
memories from my child mind
vast Graveyards flash past
the coach windows
as I sat alone, 
my split-self bristling
against the fabric seats
My school friends chatter
then later they climb
into sleeping bags, safe
I brought my heart out
into the moonlight, breathless
learning how not to wake
others with my grief
whilst you took your half
of my heart
high up int...

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Also by Emma-Jane Stradling:

Cruelty to Boys |

Childhood memoriesgriefloss of faithloss of identity


she would swear curses

at adversaries she hated,

enemies got bad scrams,

their prospects down-rated


I'd smile, it seemed a joke,

her mother's just the same,

superstitious nonsense,

some daft witches' game


yet was it really so silly,or

was there something to it?

some victims took poorly,

there was never a minute


free of tragic local news,

some o...

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Also by simon lucan:

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So Much For the Everyday

So Much For the Everyday


The music of silence is the sound

Of our souls breathing.

Their slow, strongly rhythmic cadence

Is that of vigorous but frail hearts beating.


But you must listen, carefully, should you wish to hear it;

The tumult of living can easily drown and overwhelm

That steady breath until, almost exhausted,

We lay down our burden and just listen.


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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Contrasts | The Thunder Comes |


She liked to play Lola on the Juke Box

At the local dance club

And shake her behind for all the lonely guys

She,  the over-painted,  fake breasted

Long,  tall,  "Knock-out"  with lust in her eyes

Her words of choice,  from her funny,  feminine,  deep voice

Was one of many signs,  to which I was certainly wise

In front of all the others,  I asked her to dance

She was shocked


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Also by J.D. Bardo:


After Salvador

I had seen him on tv in bygone times

Finding his art entrancing in my childhood

He seemed a little mad and I liked that

Wanting to understand

My mother became my oracle of knowledge

She also worked herself as an artist

Teaching me together with discussions aplenty

I came to know him a little


Fast forward into the noughties

Persistence of Memory seen small as life at...

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Also by Dean Fraser:

The Spark Of Understanding |

#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Fearful Living

Triangular fixtures,
On the glass,
Just between cold mist and fog.

Slipping between,
The midnight fright,
Aching back in the morning.

A waiting world,
Drooping of a leaf in tea,
Melting eyes of shadows.

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Also by Alita Moore:

Bedridden | Unspoken | Perfection | Yellow Blue Dandellion | Birds |

The Sun’s Litany

The Sun’s Litany

My light

Forever bright

Proud and true

Would surely know

If he was untrue?

His words a balm to

Desperate ears

My body only

What he holds dear?

Oh heart, emotions be

Craving sweet shore

Of security

Safe arms to pull me close

Cherish my heart

My essence close

Play and laugh

With carefree joy

Dance our hearth 

Not destroy



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Also by Donna R. Hedges:

The Sun’s Litany |

break uplovemoonpoetryrelationshipsrisingspaceSun


Several of the formative experiences of my earlier years took place on Friday afternoons in the Admiral Duncan, Hyson Green, Nottingham.  The place would be crowded with blokes awaiting the arrival and subsequent deshabille of the day’s stripper.

A particular favourite of mine and many of the others was a woman in her late 20’s I’d guess, whose name has faded into the mists of my youth but whos...

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Also by John Coopey:


The Nutter

You should medicate it,

you can hospitalise it.

I recommend crucially, that you avoid it,

and never, under any circumstances,

tell it the truth:

it would break.

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Also by Ferris Ty Taylor:

Haiku | Protect | Be Reasonable | Teachers | Psychosis |


Mask free, I breathe in the fresh air.
I hear snide comments, people stare.
As death on every corner, I see no sign.
But if you disagree with me that's fine.

So please respect my views, let me be.
Just cross the road if you ever see me.
To stand by my convictions, I am proud.
I won't bow to liars, who preach out loud.

Their idea of Passports...liberty to steal.
They want us to grovel ...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

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The Distant Lifeboat

Once all our honey has been spread
once the little moments are learned by heart
routine a debt that stalks our steps
and suggestions nag more than they ought
then the waiting boat will take me
to a wooden shack by the ocean
and there, I’ll start again, alone

Once your touch no longer prickles
once our conversations are to walls not through them
no sound but a ticking house that counts u...

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Also by Tom:

Beds, Hearts and Books | In Real Life |

Exit Strategystrange promises

Occasional Furniture

Can you trust an occasional table to still be the same in the morning?

Or will it like a lover slip away at dawn, and transform without warning?

If it took God six days to complete his work, was he made redundant on the eighth?

Or was he put on furlough, and Armageddon Friday is his new starting date?

Are black and white not colours so achromats can see Zebras at the zoo?   

Or is i...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Always there | Earth Pigs | Bouée de sauvetage pêche | A bowler's lament | Spring Fruit |


The crack was going up a gear 

When poor teddy drop

Just over their 

The party never stop 

The wine wasnt that dear 

And when it's all said and done 

The joker have grown up 

The wise man are now seen as clowns 

But to these that souvied i bet you 

Nobody laughing anymore 


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Also by Keith Byrne:

not for me | what going on | 28 thousands bullets | angels | change | before |


I know you have killed many enemies 
that lodged in your heart
should more storm your high fortress
I know you will burn it to the ground

As if simple night has blinded them
hateful arrows now miss their mark
as if pure white snow has buried them
evil taunts can force no echo 

Praise for your meandering steps
outwitting this serpentine heritage
praise for the neccessary breath
that ...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Dog Comes Dripping | La-La Land | Just For A second...I Thought... | Eight Billion Cells | Late In The Day |


The story of a courageous hero who put a life that was in danger before his own,


We will never forget your pure heart, and act of bravery that was shown.


The nation saw how selfless you were, and your name will be forever known. 


God called you back too early and your parents just want their son home. 


But rest easy young king, and take your seat on heavens throne.

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Also by Your Royal Poetess:

Guilty | Cogitare | (R)APIDLY (R)ECLINING (M)ENTAL (S)TATE 🧡 |

Jimi The HeroRIP Jimi


April supermoon Pink 2021
Help us to shift out the darkness be gone
Enlighten us daily and bring faith we believe
Rebirth new ideas set goals and achieve

To confront any obstacles setting us back
Guard us keep safe when we're under attack

Shelter us whole prevent us adrift
Cleansing ones soul and others We lift
Grant us the peace in the blessing of still
Pour in your magic with love our h...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


Aprimagicmoonmoon poetrysupermoon

April Pink Super Moon

On the day of the April Pink full moon

Named for the moss pink flower

As the night lengthens

The moon’s glow will grow stronger

The sky will fill with brightness

Drenching the earth with light

Heralding the coming of spring

Moving the seasons onwards

Harmonising the earth

With the phases of the moon


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Also by Brenda Wells:

April - When the Earth Wakens | The Pulse of Life Remembered |

Nightmares turning real 🖤

Aiming for the stars

descend into the ground

others dreams are getting real

mine only nightmares. 


my cloud of galaxies is already burst,

pouring as the rain of asteroids

land teems with fissures

turning into everlasting voids.



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Also by Nazia Khan:

Bona fide | Bare in Masquerade | Hostile ambience | Misfit |


On hearing the latest study from RHS on how effective gardening is for boosting your physical & mental health....


A boost for the body

A balm for the soul

Go grab your shovel

Take up your trowl

Dig up your past

Remove all the weeds

Moving on fast

By planting new seeds

Reach for the sun

As you grow 

Your success

New life has begun

A gardener is blessed


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#news #health #nature

No Title

I've got a heart that beats inside my chest 

And feet that want to walk 

A mind that wanders beyond the skies

But my thoughts are chained and locked

I need access, I'm losing track

Of all the masks I've worn and broken

My mind is shattered like heated glass

I no longer recall the words I've spoken

I need release, I'm lost and scarred

My name is fading into nobody's memor...

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Also by Eric Berard:

No Conclusion | Within Me, The Universe. | Processing thoughts. | I am All, and All is Me. |

To a missed twin brother

For the years we spent together,

I just wish there were more to gather

For the laughter we shared

Atleast none was spared 

For the times we held each other's hands 

I'm glad the affection stands

For the time we smiled for each other

And for the holidays we bothered each other.

To the Lord

I can only say thank you for the time borrowed

To you

I can only wish you wer...

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Also by Susanna L Zulu:

We have lost who we are |

Ride with me amigo

Ride with me my last known friend

and leave the directory behind,

no need to remember the numbers.

Just saddle up and buy us two sombreros.

The sun will burn hard, scorching persistent

memories: leaving us to it’s unrelenting mercies.

Into a desert together meandering aimlessly we will

ride, whistling tunes from the Saturday morning

pictures we saw at the cinema when we wer...

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Tinder Tango

 Tinder Tango


Intelligence curiosity and sensitivity

Move right

Boats and stouts—neck tattoos—tongues out

Move left


Animals and travels

Move right

Backwards caps and toilet selfie snaps

Move left


Not always required is higher education

But the number of rough guys here

Who have not finished school

At least proposes some correlation


Errors ...

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Football Makes a Stand

Grass roots

floodlight stars

green stage

first match

Dad held

my hand

emotional bond

connecting club

instant fan

supporters's banta

cheering loud

singing songs

forever journey

memories played

final whistle

souvenir programme

history made.

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Super Cup shares skydive

Proza and grenades.

Dont forget your mask

it hides the scars

contours of a face

Mechanical balanced

its yours, you found it

while trying to keep

it all together

Defend whats wrong

just to look strong

Saving people might

be wasting precious space.

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