*sans love, feelings, emotions and virtues

What's missing? 


What's missing in this world of ours? 


We have palatial bungalows but family is missing 

We live in with strangers and change partners easily


We have family but love is missing 

Members live together because they are socially bound 


We have friends but trust is missing 

Backstabbing and gossiping in such relationship is amazing 


We ...

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America the fascist

Remember when people said that we live in a first world nation but we can't even have basic healthcare for all so how can that be when women's rights gay rights trans rights are being took away so I might have to step on your stupid red hat maybe then you might wake up and see the light but I highly doubt it your homophobe a racist and God damn chess beater will do anything for your God but you ha...

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Also by Mikey V Kinsey:

Self-righteou |


I reject the intention to implicate

Hyperbole into hate;

To complicate and exaggerate,....

In short - to mendaciously overstate

And knowingly distort "dislike" each time

This abuse of English should be THE crime!.





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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Come On England

Could football finally be coming home 
do we dare to dream the dream
The nation waits in anticipation 
hopes pinned on this England team  

Could those many years of hurt
be forgotten and left in the past
A victory for our lionesses
would make us proud at last

A win against Germany 
would be a remarkable victory 
A cause for celebration 
and a moment in football history 

A packed ...

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I am loath to call it bad poetry because some of it is ok.


It is not 'conventional' poetry put it that way. The type of poetry that perhaps we studied and analysed forensically at school, the type of poetry that could put us off poetry and poetry appreciation for life.

I call my work '...

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Mrs RG's Holiday continued

Whilst acting the fool

I accidently pushed my wife in the hotel pool

I immediately apologised and tried to explain

but she wouldn't listen and said I was effing cruel

an effing dickhead and an effing pain

which annoyed me a bit so when she climbed out

I pushed her in again



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She will. NLD PAGE 6

She will live again

She'll be happy again

It's all a matter of time 

She'll find her life again


She'll trust again 

She'll be with the right person This time 

No drama, no humiliation 

Nothing disgusting to bear again 


She'll love again

Her heart will beat again 

For the God's chosen one 

One who's made for her 


She'll play again

She'll dance a...

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Life’s a broadway musical



life's a broadway musical


It's hard to hear yourself thinking

when hate on hate is all around


there's a cry for freedom ringing,

its price, to keep another bound


our goals require such liberties

which defy our mental capacities


we hope it's worth all th...

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I don’t see any subtlety

No escape from bluntness

The time for diplomacy

Has been swallowed

By a time for profit

A willingness to destroy

No time for building

Only for destruction

Creation loses its place

To come in second

To demolition.

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Along The Way


Sit apart and be true to me
so says my blood-bathed heart
fear not steely daggers but
simple love confused and lost

overhead go singing birds
hearts blood-bathed as yours
and the silken racing clouds
they can never be still

Ruminate long and alone
says my heart, adrift
our audience chimerical
cool colleagues, imagined

Unmoved by the deep river
where loves go drifting past

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Girl power at Wembley and advice for Liz Truss

A win against Germany would be the icing on the cake,

Their skill and team spirit,history the Lionesses would make.

The Lionesses are a perfect example of girl power,

They show women how to be the best and flower.


The Lionesses deserve all the support that comes their way,

A win at Wembley will definitely make our day.

90,000 tickets sold to a roaring crowd,

Come on Engla...

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BALLS, balls, 🌞⚽🌎🎱⭐

Let our sons our suns connect

And our daughters too

All throughout the universe

Cosmic conscious new

Starring me and starring you and starring us and all

Everyone & Everything together on a ball


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Also by Kevin Tan:

👉✌️👊 | Be a Building Block (in the age of internet) |

The passion & the pride

20 goals scored

Only 1 conceded 

Passion & pride?

These girls bleed it

The finest of Mead

Bronze turning gold

Russo's cheeky gem

Such sights to behold!

The guttural purr

Is now a roar

The anticipation

Of the Wembley rapport

Let us shake the foundations

And rattle our cages

Let voices break barriers

And echo through ages

Let Lionesses be

The Pride ...

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Euro22prideEngland .

If In Doubt



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The road north

That tinderbox summer: underground fires’

subversive routes, breaking cover,

crackling heaths and pinewoods.

Blackened commons, smoke-cloaked motorway.

Sudden, meaningful quarrels; soon

you’d be heading north to university.


Fog-stalled autumn: drinks half-price

in freshers’ week, tempted by new flavours.

Down south I couldn’t start, awaited repairs.

Long, cross-coun...

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A Postcard From R.A.F. Oulton

I gave my today,

For your tomorrow,

I gave my young life,

To keep Europe free,

From fascist bullies,

And tyranny.


I flew out from Oulton.

In the dead of the night,

To rain down shells,

From way up high,

Dodging the tracer bullets

Which sparked the night sky...

Raked with the gunfire

Our bomber dived, out of control…

And the order to ‘bale out,’


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I know not what this thing love is

I have no words to explain

I know of nothing but this pain

It is exquisite pain

It owns me

In it’s presence I have no power

So how is it I feel more alive

More real

More of everything 

More powerful

Than I’ve ever been


It owns me

I own it

I am the channel

And it pains me but fulfils me

More than any other thing


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Reading to Literature students in Chile.

I have a two-week visit to Chile planned for mid-September. The main focus of my trip will be to spend four days in the Atacama desert (I love deserts). Almost on a whim, I emailed several seats of learning to ask whether they might be interested in a reading by a British poet. The University of Santiago replied. I am to deliver three 80-minute readings of my own work and that of other poets I adm...

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Summer Rain

Summer Rain

When the much prayed for summer rain falls

It is scant and meanly given

A few fine drops, sprinkled from the skies

Last longer on the window pane

Than they do on the ground

The earth can only crack

And turn to fine powder

In reply

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When the World Grew Weary |

Ulysses and Argos

Once of splendid build, nothing he couldn't track.
Now neglected Argos yearns for his master back.
Argos, so frail and tired lies on a cow dung heap.
Lice invested, he dreams of Ulysses in his sleep.
Ulysses left his homeland for Troy 20 years ago.
Argos was a noble, faithful dog, not just for show.
In those years, he wasn't cared for, grew old alone.
Then after much struggle, Ulysses retur...

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Mr. Flip-Flop

Going barefoot feels fine at the time
and wearing shoes do too
but sometimes I need something light
something not quite so tight only sandals will do
going barefoot feels fine now and then
and donning boots do too
but sometimes I want something loose
something I can put to good use only sandals come through
sandals always do the trick
and of the pack I had my pick
but wish I knew what ma...

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A Second Chance

A Second Chance


I did not listen to His voice

I allowed it to be smothered by other voices

I listened to my own voice

and to my own detriment

I had joined the foolish

and participated in their futile games

I followed their callings and conformed

as those led to a prepared slaughter

I jeopardised my soul and life

In old age I repent of this daily

time wasted, t...

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Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek




     Where was the Man’s coffin,

where was he laid to rest??


     Under a spell, under ‘or over’

canvas rights, under duress and under

a dying, where was the Man’s coffin?


     He could have been ‘her’ slave,

or master if chance allowed his natural,

     he could have been ‘that’ genius of wit -

that knows every mention in phrase of


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Morning has broken

It's a morning of

Infinite possibilities 

And everything 

Might change

Showers heavy

Thunder likely

Time to cut away

This knee high rough

Heads are in the valley

Waiting to

Break the news

Afraid of losing

Their ground

Habits are shaped

Dependency and addiction


And the lady of sunlight 

Crashes through

The clouds

Shaking her golden locks


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Also by Twilbury Wist:

All the same to me |


‘Come see my new blockbuster’,

The film director smiled.

‘It’s about a sinner

And all those he defiled.


It’s about the cities,

Reduced to smithereens;

It’s about the soldiers,

Cut down in their teens.


It’s about the people,

Running for their lives;

It’s about an exodus

Of children and of wives.


It’s about the cowards

Who fire long range shells;


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He's an insta lover

Stolen focus

Wandering mind

Thoughts like locusts

Swarming all sides

Eyes fixed on a screen

Thumb keeps swiping

Reality calls

He's clearly declining

Just one more DM

Or maybe a snap?

She's keen to see him

Now he won't reply back

So she asks him again

When can we meet?

He can't think what to send

Then clicks on delete



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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

Solstice |


Exes and Ohs

She had broken pieces when we met
Some of the shards piercing her still,
revealing a disquiet of scars
Love, the brigand that put them there

When I gave her cut flowers
she had no chance of seeing
the field of understanding and tenderness
from which they came

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“Send them back home” or “Turn their boats round”

Or “Pack them all off to Rwanda”

“We don’t need them here to dilute England’s stock

This way we will make Britain grander”,


How have we become so uncharitable

To those who would flee from abroad

When once we would open our arms to such folk

And welcome them into our ward?


The Flemings, the Huguenots or Europe’s Jew...

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Also by John Coopey:


Ship of Theseus

A repeat paralysis nonpareil, 

out of which one fails

to make heads nor tails; 

and each time the tide

claims another fragment, 

what is it, really, that remains?


For, though it is true, 

the Ship of Theseus

has yet to capsize, 

each time the healing

swoops in anew, 

to anaesthetize the wound, 

the timber may be fresh,

but does the backbone

begin to b...

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Why do we sleep? What does it do?
Why is it important for me and you?
Sleep helps amend our waking pains.
And tries to cure problems in our brains.

Sleep may be hard if you are too warm,
Or if your mind is in a dreadful form.
So sleepless nights can be frustrating,
And the following day so irritating.

And how do we get ourselves to sleep?
Can it be done by counting sheep?
Or is it th...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Beauty | To The Future |

Stuart VannerSleep

England You Have Done Us Proud


Skillful football played fully focused

Sweet Caroline singing and dancing

Lionesses roar future supporters rally encouragement

Backheel goal Euro dream is on

Whatever the final itself might bring

Let us all party with uttermost pride.

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let the dream come true

I saw you standing there

(Waiting for our Mum)


I saw you waiting
in the light
stood there waiting
standing there

saw you in
the window's light
stood there facing
stood to stare

standing facing
to the light
from the windows
tall and bright

from the shopping
arcade's light
from the arcade's
neon glare
I saw you shopping
standing there

I saw you standing
shopping there
saw you with the

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

In Ancient Ruin | Soft pillows |



Are you there?

Are you keeping your secrets 

Guardian of pool

Conductor of fools,


Protector of the waters,

Let me throw you my sword

Along with my memories 

Gathered with cobwebs

On my life’s journey


Deja vu visits me

As I wander through verdant fields 

Feet in a babbling brook,

Castle walls calm and gnarled from the fight.

Fade with grand...

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Also by Edbreathe:

Summer Hol | dream | Summer EVE |


"Ominous be our current state

combat of slumber and wake

solitude our only companion

left with tears of apathy or agony

renders the inevitable vigilance

Counterfeit emotions off to race

Young calls it destiny, old calls it fate"

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Also by Nazia Khan:

Incorrigible Fate |

Harsh browns

Light creeps in

Leaking through skin

Searing bleeding hearts

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On my way

I've boarded the plane,

Within seconds I'll be flying again 

Into the clouds that surrounds 

Dripping droplets of rain around 


I've embarked upon the ship 

It's going to be sailing soon 

Upon the crazy waters of Arabian pool 

Taking me to the country I'm wanting to 


I've boarded the train 

Whistles blow as I see the view 

Windows locked so are the doors 


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Memories (I)

Today is the day I lost you, 

Minus ten years I started losing myself

And dedicated to a loss I wish I could speak of. 

Memories fade but I still remember 

The time and what you last said. 

“Where are you going?”, but where did you go?

You were right there then you were.

I remember breaking down at school

Just glued on, to “it's my fault you got sick”.

 You left, and I t...

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Words of Appreciation

It's that time after the entire day is over and it's dark out there so feel some calmness in your surrounding. When music takes over your every sense, and you just do what you love to do after your entire day is finished. 

Oh! don't get any other ideas, I'm just talking about your hobbies, not something that takes control over your soul. I'm not talking about 'Something' that deep, just your ho...

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lifemotivationBelieve in YourselfSelf-beliefwords of appreciationstruggle

Claribel And The Strange Island

Have you heard of my love, cute Claribel,
the singer who, her voice soaring above the chalk Downs,
from Devil’s Dyke to Balham Cove, became known
as The Brighton Belle?

It was she, who when asked where
she was from by a devoted fan,
one Miss Mary MacVeagle, of county Clare,
answered, ‘Hove, a posh district, west of Brighton.’

Mary commented, ‘Oh, I went there on my honeymoon.’
It was ...

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Also by Kevin Vose:

The Little Susans |

Riding the Tube


Travelled in London,

Rode the Picadilly line,

Deodorant's fine

If others spray, otherwise

There's no nasal protection.

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My place

Always Felt, the need to get out of this place

The need to flee this smokey old run down suburb

The darkest always shined brighter then the light in this place

Bit in a strange turn of events, I think I have find my place where I can find some pace, to rest my head a place where your warm embrace chasing the loneliness from my heart, 

No more running around, no more hiding,

No more ...

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Love Hate Relationship

You say you love me

So why do you hate me

For being everything

That’s not like you


You want me to change

My life, my friends

Estrange my family

Where will this end?


Will I still be allowed

to be me?

Or be controlled like

a gadget with a PCB?


I guess I know where

this is heading

My world is like water

and I’m just treading


Until I ...

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Being ME

I pause... I breathe... I dream a little... I scream a little... A tear falls... A smile rolls... I laugh a lot... I whine a lot... I shake it up... I calm it down... A part of me is shy... A part of me flaunts... I can be me... And still not be... If I feel it... I seal it... Every moment matters... Living it too... Sometime the heart rules... Sometimes the brain... What matte...

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Malus Ivius

You sneaked up to me slowly and caught me off guard,
entangling limbs, soul and finally my heart.

You are bittersweet poison and yet so addictive,
bathing in your insanity makes me vindictive.

You are the root to all malicious and evil,
forcing me down in the ivy without retrieval.

You are the toxin that makes me possessive,
our relation is becoming somewhat obsessive.

You are medi...

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Am I the sun?

This darkness the end it seems

i see no light and no beams 

oh when the hope and strength all i loose

going back sadly i choose


But where do we go from here

came from a long way i dare

though it takes so long;

ain't going back

for its the only place I belong


So I wipe my tears and my pain

for it breaks but it surely makes

for i saw no beam but i definitel...

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Naked truths

I feel like a ghost. Like I'm watching the world from above. People living their every day life, checking the time and then running to catch the last train while my time stands still.

I follow them with my numb eyes but i dont participate. Caught in an invisible cage of thoughts, worries and hours and hours of overthinking.

Time is a valuable asset they say. Like golden sand that inexorably ...

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When I was terrible

nobody told me

I found out later

when it was too late


when I was a monster

we were making good money

I never heard

any complaints


now that it’s over

out come the experts

with their maps

and million-dollar words


now that it’s over

there’s a new theory

perhaps I can jump

into the future

after the pendulum moves

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I'm not the first or the last to drink the white man's wine

It makes me feel fine or I start crying, one of the two

My parents passed it around and now they're gone too

Who is responsible for their deaths? Certainly they thought it through?


I grew up with the smell of liqour on my clothes

I come from two drunken households and it really shows

The late nights of their drunken...

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One thing they forgot to teach us at school

is the law of disappearing surfaces,

as inevitable as water finding its own level,

stating that a static surface will always

attract objects in direct proportion to its

convenience and accessibility,

and yet

they never teach you that at school,


once full, the surface disappears

after serving its purpose.

The phenomena i...

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Also by ray pool:


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