It is reported that the term "woke" originated in the USA  (quelle surprise!!) as a term for an attitude that

seeks out injustice and discriminisation.  The problem arises from the absence of that all-important

word "perceived" which throws a wholly different perspective on what is happening or intended.  Perception is

irredeemably linked with self-deception and is apparent in a woke frame of mind that seizes upon..

perceived inadequacy, incompetence, self-pity and other traits of human weakness that are vulnerable

to manipulation in a vulnerable victim mentality when both society and the individual would be far 

better served by encouraging a more robust self-reliant outward reaching state of mind.  The brilliant lyricist,

Lorenz (Larry) Hart, wordsmith of some of the finest songs in the great American Song Book penned

some very accurate words about the contradictions and conflicted emotions that the need for love can

create - summed up in one rapier sharp line "The self-deception that believes the lie".  And that neatly

describes the dangerous delusion that can drive a "woke" frame of mind in its zealous pursuit of

virtue-signalling.  "The self-deception that believes the lie" becomes the dogma that affords them the

excuse to seek to influence the lives of ALL who look to others to solve their problems, ease their failures

and provide easy street answers that do little to solve anything.  Life is not, nor ever has been that simple.

Ergo - woke is no joke but an insidious manifestation of a disruptive destructive assault on the social fabric

from within, weakening not strengthening that essential connective entity.



.  ..  




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John Marks

Thu 18th Aug 2022 16:58

"People forget just how “woke” al-Qaeda was. Bin Laden was an environmentalist, he believed in cancel culture, and he embraced the Islamist politics of victimhood. 9/11 was a hyper-violent form of identity politics." Brendan O'Neill, Spiked

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Greg Freeman

Thu 18th Aug 2022 13:10

As I said, I wasn't going to get involved in this discussion, despite the provocative title of this piece of prose, mainly because, not for the first time, I didn't really understand what MC was going on about. But it is worthwhile saying that I understand the term 'woke' as something which accords with the following values: "We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of hate-speech, or contributions that could be interpreted as such. There is a difference between criticising a particular government, organisation, community or belief, and attacking people on the basis of their race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age. Don’t do it." These are the values of Write Out Loud, as stated in our guidelines. If that is construed as 'woke', so be it.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 18th Aug 2022 10:09

Hi Jennifer -your comment has been read with appreciation. In
my paragaph about Larry Hart, I mentioned the "need for love".
I should have added "and approval" to be more accurate in this
context. Also, there have been prior examples of non-poetical
works on this site that occasionally incur the wrath of the
moderators - usually for perceived (that word again) political
reasons. Cheers.

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jennifer Malden

Wed 17th Aug 2022 16:09

Hello MC! Don't see why you are being got at for writing somethig which is not a poem? The site is Write Out Loud, mainly poetry but not all. Anyway poetry or not I agree with most of what you say absolutely. 'Self deception that believes the lie' has it in a nutshell. Keep up the good work!

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 29th Jul 2022 14:33

Sorry, my error. Perhaps foregiveable after reading a variety of
contributions over the years, not all of which can be described
as "poetry" (including some of your posts). In that light, I have seen WOL as a "writer's website" that gets people thinking beyond their
comfort zone.

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Greg Freeman

Thu 28th Jul 2022 23:45

This is a poetry website, and the above is surely no poem, MC. So no, I won't discuss it. And frankly, there are far more important things to worry about right now.

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