The Trick

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An Ocean calm...the sky was clear.
But deep inside, still lay some fear.
So off we sailed, 4 friends and crew.
Into the Atlantic water, all pale blue.

I've never made this journey before.
Nerves kick in as we leave the shore.
Friends try and put my mind at ease.
But I'm still wary of the sky and seas.

Most tales are dismissed out of hand.
'Nothing to stop you reaching land'
That's what the experts seem to say.
As suddenly above the sky turns grey.

Far into our journey, Florida bound.
Lonely in the Ocean, we hear a sound.
A deafening noise, that split the calm.
Has the Devil now got us in his palm?

Suddenly a fog appears, densely thick.
The Triangle had played another trick.
Forks of lightening take deadly aim.
Our boat, just a toy in the Devils game.

The angry Ocean waves part and divide.
A huge hole appears... it wants us inside.
Into the Ocean swirl, we swivel and twist.
Then down we go through the Ocean mist.

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Mike Bartram

Sat 2nd Jul 2022 19:13

Thank you for reading and the nice comments...just wrote a follow up now!

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 2nd Jul 2022 17:31

A real chiller, Mike. Will there be a sequel?

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Carol Congalton

Sat 2nd Jul 2022 00:35

A scary tale indeed! 😱

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