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America the fascist

Remember when people said that we live in a first world nation but we can't even have basic healthcare for all so how can that be when women's rights gay rights trans rights are being took away so I might have to step on your stupid red hat maybe then you might wake up and see the light but I highly doubt it your homophobe a racist and God damn chess beater will do anything for your God but you haven't even read your Bible but you would realize that you're just hypocrite who's lacking some moral behaviors and maybe not everyone needs an assault rifle so done with the fascist Republican Party but this is what you call the good USA lack of morals and everyone hates us for good reasons and our own people hate this country and most of us would have already moved out if it wasn't so goddamn expensive and we didn't have the pace taxes in this country even when we don't live here you can see the situation it's like a cesspit bubbling over like a toxic conversation that no one wants to have I would say I rather die but then the fascist win so welcome to America a real third world country where Healthcare isn't a right and if you're a minority don't even speak or they'll shoot you dead but if you're a white straight man you get to make the rules of all the minorities under you

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