The Sorrows

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Its spine slithered, snake-like 

around the corpse of my soul

Her withered tongue extracting 

from life , what I had stole 


Come scream!

Come scream!

For the beast must be seen! 

Come swallow 


For there is 

no tomorrow !


Such a flaying shall occur

In the pits of our despair !


Creeping, seeping

Rotting eyes weeping!


The old  well draws near

Come  drink  of  its  fear!





Skin & flesh stripping


Light            is      

but          a           slave 

to darkness 


And yet…


Even the smallest flame

Can banish the darkest of shadows


A spark

              to a blaze


Let slithering spines 

                             prey upon souls

For, the flickering of hope 

                 Like an ember waking

Of a man, 

                    shall be his making



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Stephen Gospage

Sat 2nd Jul 2022 17:28

Creepy but with salvation! Great, Stephen.

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Fri 1st Jul 2022 21:04

Ooooo....shivers! Love it!

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