My favourite songs

Lovely rain when it falls over parched earth 

Splashing the tiny droplets over the mud 

And the pitter patter over the tinned roof 

Creating a romantic scene all through 

The droplets falling over the leaves 

Giving an instant glow and freshness to these 


The thunder and lightning as it spreads across the sky 

Splitting the clouds into halves and make a loud cry 

Brightening up everything in only a fraction of second 

Leaving behind darkness inconceivable in day or midnight 

Dancing through the clouds above,

roaring like a hidden lion in the sky 


The gusts of wind on stormy days 

Picking lots of dust and papers on its way 

All encircling as the wind  groves 

A thunderous performance on the move 

The noise so loud and clear,

as the wind discloses it's secrets clear 


Amidst the tress in dense forest property 

Making its way downhill through the greener still 

Lovely voices can be heard, suddenly growing loud 

The streams blue and green washing away everything

Plugging into a natural pool built by its mighty forces 

The waterfalls a marvel to see and watching it's beauty 


The twittering birds in the early cool and gentle mornings 

Different music all blending into one with crystal clear voices 

The soprano, alto, tenor and bass as a musical performance we hear 

An orchestra playing each and every morning 

Waking us up with lovely romantic songs in their words 

Holding hearts, gripping minds, twisting our souls completely divine 




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Nigel Astell

Sat 2nd Jul 2022 01:21

Your poem sings so loud
in Nature we all fall in love❤

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