Idle Thoughts



Life's great ambition 

Is merely

To survive itself 




I am not 

what I am

So I am

what I'm not


Former land of the free


Every great civilisation 

Consumes itself from the inside out, eventually 

Welcome to the genesis of Gilead!


Time Less


The mind is a time machine 

…Until it's broken

Then memories lay dormant 

Like words left unspoken


Food for thought 


Feed your imagination 

And stop the brain stagnation!




A hundred hands pushed 

me down 

A thousand helped me up


Mind Garden 


The garden seems much smaller

The grass, not so green

Inside, the walls close ever in

And harbour silent screams


Dream Theatre


Do the people in our dreams 

Dream of reality? 




He once thought 

he was nothing

Until he realised:

To some 

he was everything 




Within my embryonic coven 

I found a love so tightly



Life Ahoy!


You are the captain 

of your own ship, my friends

Navigate with care

For there are stormy seas

out there!




To die 

Means, at least 

you have lived

Some, never get the chance... 




Did you abandon your dreams

Or did they abandon you?




I never knew I was lost

Until I found myself 


Small mercies


She liked her men

A little roomy

Thank God, I thought

That I'm so puny! 😉



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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 7th Jul 2022 22:23

Thank you! Just a few Scribbles I jotted down over the last few weeks. Yes, John there are some deep thoughts in there, I didn't think I was capable! 😄 And Keith, Holden, Carol, Stephen & Jennifer, forever the voices of inspiration on WOL. Thank you🌈
And thanks for reading & striking the Like generator Nigel, Fredrick, Julie, Clare & K.L! 🌷🌷

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jennifer Malden

Wed 6th Jul 2022 21:19

Very clever writing, makes one think, and also very original form. Loved it. jennifer

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 6th Jul 2022 08:33

Almost a collection in itself, Stephen. Remarkable and inventive.

<Deleted User> (33719)

Wed 6th Jul 2022 01:01

All those thoughts in a nutshell! Well thought out!

Holden Moncrieff

Wed 6th Jul 2022 00:13

An amazing poem, Stephen, so many ideas beautifully explored! 😊

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keith jeffries

Tue 5th Jul 2022 22:57

A fascinating litany which is food for thought.
Thanks for this

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John Botterill

Tue 5th Jul 2022 22:16

Should be called, 'Deep Thoughts,' I think Stephen. You leave no stone unturned, with your profound observations. 👍

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