Happy Birthday... To Me!

It’s got to the stage

Of my mum’s old age,

Where I buy all my own cards

For her sign, and address them to me,

When she can summon up the energy.


So, I bought myself the birthday card

I wanted to receive,

The one I truly deserve,

Though some may wonder

At my nerve…

A line of superheroes bedecked the top,

Hulk, Captain America, Ironman, the lot.

“You’re not just a Superhero,

You’re a Super Son, as well…”


Self-praise, though, is no recommendation.

I offered it for her to sign, with trepidation.

‘Flipping Heck,’ she wrote in her spidery hand!

You would have to know her, to understand.

I go back home to connect with my roots!


“Be a good boy!” she continued, “From Mum.”


And so now, I know. I am still her ‘little boy,’

Who has grown too big for his boots!



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John Botterill

Wed 27th Jul 2022 09:22

Thanks Stephen. I get the feeling that I am not alone in buying cards for myself. Self love is the only genuine emotion. 😂
Thanks for the likes Julie and Tom 👍

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 26th Jul 2022 17:01

Very amusing poem, John. I know this feeling well!

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 26th Jul 2022 13:49

Fascinating how mothers always seem to see their sons of any age as little boys. is it any wonder the divorce rate is so high? 😏

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John Botterill

Tue 26th Jul 2022 10:30

Thanks Carol and Greg for your kind comments. It was easy to write. I just described what happened haha.
Thanks for the likes Stephen A, Frederick, Tom, K. Lynn and Holden.

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Greg Freeman

Tue 26th Jul 2022 09:06

That's a great poem, John! Comic take on a very poignant moment in life which many of us go through.

<Deleted User> (33719)

Tue 26th Jul 2022 04:25

Very enjoyable!

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