True Friendship

True Friendship


Blood is thicker than water so they say

Does this diminish friendship along the way?

In friendship there grows a bond of trust

that when apart remains a must

Families grew with us from day one

yet a friendship takes time to come

Friends are many but the special are few

and every day they are renewed like the dew

Kith and kin are a given fact

but a friend is like a rare artefact

Friendship comes through labour and adversity

and has its roots in true generosity

Not the generosity of gifts and the like 

but a spirit of perseverance through each day and night

A bond grows over time of mutual attraction

and this is not affected by any distraction


I have one such friend whom I have yet to meet

we speak every day and he is hard to beat

I am here for him and he is there for me

even though not members of the same family tree

I think of him often and pray for him each day

no matter the distance or how far away

Months and years pass by yet we remain steadfast

the bond is strengthened as time is passed

Friendship can emerge out of the blue

with someone you never knew

A seed planted and gently nourished

and over time so deeply cherished

Sometimes there is aridity and disagreement

but this is not a cause for any disappointment

It signifies that we know each other more

than we did in times before


My friend lives thousands of miles away

and probably I shall never come his way

But a friend in need is a friend indeed

and those many miles increase our friendship of need

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keith jeffries

Sun 10th Jul 2022 11:38

Thank you for your comment. I am pleased that the poem evoked thoughts about friendship with you. There are times in a friendship when one needs the other more and it is at these times when true friendship comes into play. It is all a question of being there for the other.
Thank you again for reading and commenting on this poem.

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J.D. Bardo

Sat 9th Jul 2022 16:20

Due to reasons Beyond My Control, I have recently let down a true friend. I immediately thought of some of the lines in this poem. And if I had an opportunity to speak to this friend right now I would say sorry, you deserve my immediate attention when it's needed. That's what friends are for. I'm sorry for recently letting down a good friend, also I'm sorry for not immediately commenting on this wonderful poem about friendship. Way to go Keith. Excellent writing.

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keith jeffries

Fri 8th Jul 2022 13:09

Thank you to Jennifer, Carol and Martin for your comments and to Frederick, Stephen G, Stephen A., Holden, Clare and K Lynn for their likes.
I appreciate your reading of this poem and your comments as they are a constant source of encouragement.
Thank you

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jennifer Malden

Wed 6th Jul 2022 21:23

How true, Keith. As you say, one can't choose kith and kin, but friends yes. I have one in particular from almost childhood days, and she is just the same as always. You can have many acquaintances, but real friends are somethig else.

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Martin Elder

Wed 6th Jul 2022 17:23

You are right Keith. True friendship is deeply rooted and remains that way. Thanks for posting this
bless you my friend

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Carol Congalton

Wed 6th Jul 2022 01:06

So true Keith.

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