Yours Forever | Agonizing Words

From unseen messages,
And unanswered calls.
One day you'll realize that
There's someone dying just to be heard.
Looking for that one person
To be there for them.
When they need you the most.


They are the last ones there to be seen,
And that's very mean.

I just wanna be heard
When I'm about to burst.
I feel like drowning in the flood
Of my own tears with a greater thrust.

Please come and save me
I'm at the verge of my limit,
Standing on the edge of the cliff
Holding on to a hope that
You'll come to lift up my spirit.

I just want you to be by my side
Even if takes an eternity
I'm ready to wait till I die.
Coz all I want is you
To be by my side.

Only you lift my soul like no one else,
You bring peace to my soul
Like no one else can,
It's you that I want to be with me
Now and forever.

Cuz I'm only yours,
And your forever.



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