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These are the best days of my life so far 

I have won every battle and also every war 

With the divine help and God sent angels 

I was able to accomplish in life everything 


I ain't no actor, nor a business tycoon 

I ain't any journalist writing articles 

I haven't achieved these lowly materialistic things 

Rather the things of great value which has made me eternal bling 


A girl so weak and small, was trying to figure out the world 

The storms weren't easy to bear, and did last four decade length 

Crying tears of fear, feeling always weak and meek 

Now the souls brighter than any known divine fury 


I'm here now a woman of iron heart 

You throw rubbish, my God turns it into sparks 

I ain't weak, clingingy and crying no more 

I'm a shoulder for weak who shall suffer no more 


O God thank you for all the trials and tests I went though in life 

It has made me stronger, bolder, smarter, Wittier, wiser and humble 

I'm an empath, but none can play me around 

I throw my dices, count my boxes and move around 


Here's to all the girls weak and suffering from any kind of abuse 

Don't you worry, it will all make you a woman none can tear and misuse 

Few jolts you might have to bear inorder to known your true mettle 

God will in time chisel you into the perfectly bright metal 


To all who are subdued and are demeaned and rebuked 

Always remember there's more in life to see, it's a phase that shall pass quickly 

Pull up your socks, buckle up yourselves 

Cos that time is just near when you will overcome every fear



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Fri 8th Jul 2022 05:31

Thank you Nigel.

Remember me in your prayers🌷

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Nigel Astell

Tue 5th Jul 2022 13:01

Moonlight strong
tears dry
helping others
starlight fly.💪

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