The Sailor's Response


Well, thank you, dear lady

Your offer is fine

But I am sure

In all truth

I’d just be wasting your



You see

I’m a bit of a loner

It’s how I like to be

It’s just me

And my boat

And the wide open



Don’t get me wrong

I do like a good song

I confess that I’m tempted

By your blue eyes

And your golden hair

That’s so long


I don’t like to offend

But I can tell

you no lies

If I told you my story

It would just make you cry


My life has been blighted

By trouble and strife

I’ve been a tinker

A tailor

A soldier

And now I’m a sailor


I’ve chosen the ocean

It’s my magic potion

I find solace

In motion

It’s my life’s



My heart has been


Sad words have been


And my years

Are now golden


It pains me

To refuse

But I’m in no place

To amuse you


I wish you good luck

As I bid you farewell

I do confess

That the tinker in me

Is tempted to share

My whiskey and wine ...

I’m sure we’d make a fine



But at heart

I’m a sailor

And I’m drawn

By the swell

I assure you my stories

Are too sad

To tell


Please, don’t be sad

That I’ve spared you

My tales

You are too

Pretty and shiny

To hear of my



I’m best off


With the dolphins

And whales

But I will play

The banjo

And imagine you there ...

I’ll think of you

As another ship

That set sail.






















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Mon 4th Jul 2022 20:21

Really enjoyed this! Great work.

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Rose Casserley

Mon 4th Jul 2022 00:41

Ahoy! permission to come aboard and appraise Captain Clare 😁

RC 💋

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kJ Walker

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 22:45

Fantastic.. even better than the last one.

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