When the World Grew Weary

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There came a day

When the world grew weary

When the sands of time

Were finally running out

The sun had lost its sparkle

Could no longer rise in the morning and shine

But hid behind the clouds

Which had themselves

Become dull, grey and sad

Groups of people had protested

For many years about many things

Each one of them, hoping to change the world

Until they too, grew tired

Tore down their banners

Threw away their placards


This was the time when a tyrant

Lost his reason and showered the innocent

With weapons of hate

When certain men

Took away the choices of women

When rulers became liars

Who defiantly said

That they would not change

The only hero was a president

Who had once been a comedian

He knew, when it was time to be serious

And sought to inspire all


The world was not a happy place

But who, could right so many wrongs?

Could understand such complexities?

Could begin to put everything right?

It seemed that only the young

Cared enough to cradle the now fragile world

Mend its broken parts and carry it forward

The people, with hope in their hearts

Looked to the young generation

To shoulder this burden

And bring about the restitution

Of this, our precious world

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Brenda Wells

Thu 14th Jul 2022 20:32

Thank you Stephen and Keith for your comments, they are much appreciated.
We live in such difficult times, witnessing via the small screen in our homes, horrors which I never thought would take place in my lifetime.

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 13th Jul 2022 22:24

Sadly true, Brenda. We live in hope. 🌈

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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Jul 2022 21:46

This awful war is on all our minds as we witness daily such horrors on our TV screens. This poem speaks of the next generation and of hope. It's all we can do and pray.
Thank you for this

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