A Single Cloud

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After you were gone

My heart fell apart

A jigsaw without structure 

A mess of lonely parts


I think you took me with you

My breath, my life, my soul 

For all that remained 

Was this deep & vacant hole


One day I fell into its depths 

Without thought of return

Crumbling to a waste of ash

In my own neglected urn


But, I awoke blinking 

At the sun's golden hue

Thinking, how I'd lose the memories 

Of times I'd spent with you


For they're as precious as the flowers

That were my bed when I awoke

I think, that day,  I also  bloomed 

With a brand-new sense of hope


Years later, I was wandering 

Like Wordsworth's lonely cloud

Watching faces, & empty spaces 

Within the passing crowd 


And all the broken hearts

Were floating in the air

Whispering of the cross

They no longer  had to bear 


Now, free to drift along

without want or despair

Serendipitous little balloons

Of  hope, love, & repair


Then one drifted down

Like gentle summer rain 

"Have we met before?" She said

And, so, 

my life began again



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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 22nd Jul 2022 12:59

Thank you very much for the flattering comments John, John & Stephen! As encouraging as always! 🌈
And for those who read and liked 🌷🌷

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John Botterill

Wed 20th Jul 2022 18:38

Beautiful poem, Stephen, the best I have read on this site for some time! 😀
Crumbling to a waste of ash
In my own neglected urn
Epic! Loved the romantic ending, too.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 20th Jul 2022 17:13

A delightful, hopeful poem, Stephen. This is really special.

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John Coopey

Wed 20th Jul 2022 10:21

Grief, Despair and Hope fused into simple, powerful lines. Brilliant, Stephen.
(As a Tottenham fan I am well acquainted with those three!).

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